How to Get Fit After Pregnancy

After giving birth a key concern for new mothers is how to get their bodies back into shape and to regain their pre-pregnancy figure. Often there is an image that women should be able to get back into shape in just a few weeks following pregnancy. There is much media attention focused on celebrity mothers who manage to regain their amazing figures, but note that this is not normal and they have a lot more help than the average new mother. It can take around six months for you to eventually regain your pre-pregnancy shape.

Exercise is always a great way to get fit after pregnancy, though everything must be done in moderation. Exercise and weight loss after pregnancy will always be made easier if you exercised before and during your pregnancy. However, even if you did not there are many ways to get into shape post-pregnancy. Exercise will also help to reduce the risk of depression and will not interfere with breast-feeding.

Do not try to exercise too much, too soon, as this will ultimately damage your health and it is generally recommended that women wait up to two months before exercising properly. At first, try methods such as going for walks when you can, taking your baby with you. You may then begin a regime consisting in simple leg stretches, as well as exercises specifically targeted to tightening the pelvic floor muscle. Sit-ups will also target the abdominal and help you regain a flat tummy. Try to work out for about half an hour each time, aiming to do this around three times a week in order to get rid of baby weight.

It is not the case that you must exercise every single day: stick to a routine that you are comfortable with. Accept the fact that it takes time and moderation and you will slowly begin to regain your pre-pregnancy figure.

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