How to Get a Six Pack at Home – 3 Simple Steps

So you want that highly elusive washboard stomach, the one we have all dreamt about one day achieving so we can walk onto the beach with confidence. Well, look no further, cause getting a six pack is not as difficult as many people may think, and it can be done in the comfort of your own home.

1. Eat Right

The most important step on your road to a six pack is your diet. You can doendless crunches everyday but if you have a layer of fat covering them, they will never show through. Therefore, lowering your body fat is essential. You can achieve this by eating 6 – 7 small meal per day. Cut out as much fatty foods as possible, and keep the carbohydrates low unless your doing heavy workouts. Make sure you eat plenty of proteins like egg whites, turkey or chicken breast, fish, etc. These proteins are very important in building muscle.

2. Daily Cardiovascular Exercise

Assuming you have a bit of a gut in the way of that sexy six pack, a daily jog or other type of cardiovascular exercise is essential. Try to get in a 30 minute jog first thing in the morning then if you can make time, get another one in in the evening. If you do not lower your body fat, that long sought after six pack will never show through.

3. Abdominal Exercises

Many people say crunches do not work, i can see why they may think this, but they do work! If you can lower your body fat and work the abs hard daily, you will achieve that six pack. When doing crunches, try to raise your knees to your elbows in a crossing motion to help work some of the lower abs and sides as well. Try laying on your side and doing some side crunches to work those obliques. The hardest to work are the lower abs, these always take longer, but stick with it and you will be successful. Try laying on the edge of your bed and doing leg raises, this will help work those lower abs.

So there you have 3 simple steps to get a six pack at home. It does take time, and you should start off slow but make sure you keep at it and you will achieve results.

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