How To Get 6-Pack Abs Workout From Top To Bottom

Everyone wants abs and a flat tummy, either big and blocky abs, or a sleek and slender tummy. Regardless of where your starting it is possible, you can get sexy time abs, or you can go all out and lose fat and go for that more extreme ‘ripped’ look. Although you can’t “spot reduce” body fat, when you do achieve fat loss, it comes off of your abs too, usually from the top down – so there are no excuses!

To get the fitness you want quickly, it helps to do the right core exercises. Don’t just do something because it looks good, and just because somebody else can do something doesn’t mean that you should or could…but you have to do something, right? So what workout should you do? Hanging hip lifts is one of the best which focuses on the lower abdominal region without hurting your lower back – the main focus of this abs workout is a highly effective pull-up which gives your legs a quick breather while you work the upper and lower abs. Your abs contract on a continuum of graduated activation,  “If one wishes to simplify, then it would be crudely accurate to talk of upper, mid and lower abs, but this still tends to mask the fact that there is really a continuum of muscle activation involving all of the trunk muscles, each exhibiting a different level of involvement, depending on the type and pattern of movement. This means that it is highly unlikely that you will be able to totally isolate the ‘lower abs’, since there is always accompanying involvement of many other stabilizing and mobilizing muscles – in this case from lower to upper. You can’t totally isolate a specific region, but you can focus on it, and this exercise is phenomenal for bodybuilding workouts if you want to contract your abs from the bottom up – the key is to make these as slow and deliberate as possible.

To work your abs the most, make sure your fully stretched to the bottom, and don’t focus on your knees coming up, but on your hips rotating coming up as high as possible and try to pause at the top. You’re abdominal muscles don’t attach at your legs, they attach to your hip bones, and if your abs aren’t strong enough to rotate your hips upward in the top position it’s probable not even worth you doing this exercise – at least not yet…if you start swinging, you’re moving too quickly. So, breathe out while you exhale on the way up, and use a bench to get in and out of  the abs straps, if you don’t, just hang on tight.

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