How to Generate Insurance Sales – 4 Free Ways to Get Qualified Leads

How to generate insurance sales and qualified leads is an important skill to master online. Attracting specifically qualified leads will produce a higher volume of sales and more success overall. So it’s very important that when you are generating leads online you know how to attract the most qualified leads that will convert into sales.

4 Methods to master for success in today’s online market

1.    Target a niche market. When determining what your niche market is, be sure to narrow it down. Don’t try to make your product fit everyone, but be very specific about who you are trying to reach. You will attract more qualified people when you eliminate anyone outside that niche. You only want those who are seriously motivated to buy your specific insurance product. Taking the time to do this right is how to generate insurance sales and qualified leads that practically convert themselves. Go to How to Listen to Your Market to learn more about this subject.
2.    Social Media targeting. Social media, such as Facebook, is the best place for listening to and interact with your target market. Begin by socializing in places like Facebook groups that are about subjects your niche market is interested in. Try searching for particular books, celebrities, or activities they may also like. Gaining their trust by engaging in real conversations and avoiding spam is how to generate insurance sales in social media. Go to Facebook Marketing with Master Strategies to learn more advanced techniques on how to get qualified leads from Facebook.
3.    Blogging. If you are looking to get your website to rank high in the search engines so you can attract qualified leads, a blog is a good choice. Blogging good content and creating conversation online is highly favored by the search engines and will help to brand you. One good way of capturing leads from your blog is to have an opt-in form with a free report, training, e-book, or video series that gives your reader a free bit of information as a thank you for opting in.
4.    Article marketing. This is one of the best activities to generate insurance leads. Writing articles based on what you know your target market is looking for is how to generate insurance sales and qualified leads for free online. However, to utilize this type of marketing method effectively you will need to properly choose and use keywords in your article. Getting your article to rank in the natural organic search engine very high is what will get you the most traffic.

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