How to Custom Fit Your Golf Club

Custom fitting golf club need to be put in a consideration in choosing a golf club as it is very important. It will also tailor the game to the golfer. As we know, each and every golfer is different in terms of their physical capability, and even the way they swing. So, custom fitting golf club was designed to a certain standardized specifications that fit for lie angle, shaft type and length, grip type, and size. It also will drive us for simple measurements and a nimble self-value of the game. With this, it’s not impossible for anyone aside professional golfer to have a good game.

The custom fitting is the process for tailoring a golf club according to a golfer needs. This can enhance the player’s confident level while playing golf.

No matter in which level you stand as a golf player, you still can achieve high performance game with a custom golf club because it will fulfill and follow your needs so that you’ll be able to make a nice swing and a proper straight shot.

The following are how to custom fit your golf clubs:

First of all, what needs to be considered is the gender, the distance from your wrist where it bends to the floor without shoes, age, height in stockings or socks, skill level, what club being used at the 150 yard marker, and lastly your swing speed.

In the golf industry, the “standard length” has been set differently for men and women, so that’s why gender need to be known in order to get exact fitting scale custom golf clubs.

To determine the length of your custom golf club that suits you well, your height and the space apart (in inches) from your wrist to the floor are gathered. The club length usually vary up to 3 and a half inch in the scope from ladies to men which then plus 1 and a half inch. This means that the taller the person, with a longer arms, will calls for shorter clubs compare to a person with an average height, with shorter arms. According to the golf industry, it was found that almost 80 percent of golfers stand in a standard length.

The rest of information need to be considered such as age, established skill level, handicap whether you are, or used to be, how fast you swing, and also the club that you use at the 150 yard marker, were all being possessed together to get the custom golf club’s  shaft flex that will works best with you.

If your club is too flat, it will cause you to slice the ball, which also means that the toe of your club is influencing the ball. Besides having a flat club, we can also say these were caused by our swing fault. Whatever it is, custom fitting can fix all this, but only after you had gone through the custom fitting process where your golf club will be more appropriate and fit you well.

In finding a really exact and satisfying club for each golf club manufacturers, different ways and method of fitting were used with only one objective that is to find a magnificent golf club for everyone to enhance their performance. It all begin with gathering such simple measurements like wrist-to-floor, height, and even hand size where then will bring you to the appropriate club size. Not only that, you also need to hit some balls for more accurate result. 

One of the methods is to put an impact tape on the base of the custom golf club and an impact board on the floor. As the ball been hit, the board will then leave a mark on the tape that shows the toe or the heel of the custom golf club that strike the floor first as.
The mark will gives an answer whether the club faces needs to be altered more upright or flatter. As the practical methods being used, there’s been a progress in such methods. Analysis equipment then was used. This superb equipment can measure everything that need to be known in finding the right club such as the club speed, the launch angle of the ball, and even the angle which the custom golf club approaches the ball.  

Many people think that custom fitting is only for an expert golfer. This is totally wrong. Anyone even the beginner can use it and in fact, they’ll find it easier. So, whenever you reach the point where you need to replace your old set of clubs, take this opportunity to get a new custom fitting clubs. Yes, by having custom fitting won’t make you achieve good shots. All you need is a good coaching and practice. But still, by having a nice great swing with a custom fitting, you can at least produce a straight nice shot.

Don’t worry. Custom fitting is usually free of charge when you buy some clubs after you get fitted. It always depends on your budget, and finally, always makes yourself free to get fitted when you buy a new set of clubs as it will satisfy you, and it’s really worth it.

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