How to Challenge Items on My Credit Report

The process of challenging items on your credit report is not as difficult as it may seem. In this article I will review the steps necessary to accomplish this task so that you can get approved for car, home and the credit loans that you deserve.

The first step would be to have a list of all the negative items on your credit report that you want to challenge. Once you have that list you need to rank the items from most damaging to the least damaging. We have many more Credit Repair Articles Now Available.

It is a good idea to start with the one affecting your credit rating the most. You would simply put together a letter with attention to the credit bureau. In your letter you want to reference the account in question including the account number, company name as well as the balance on your credit report.

Simply say to the credit bureau that you are challenging the item based on its validity or accuracy on your credit report and remember to include a copy of your identification as well so they know they are dealing with the right person.

When sending the letter make sure you send it with delivery confirmation so that you are sure that the credit bureaus received it. This is also important because they have thirty days to investigate your dispute.

You will then have an idea of how much time they have to complete their investigation of your claim. They would need to get back to you in writing of the outcome of their investigation. We have many more Credit Repair Articles Now Available.