How to Buy a Beautiful Vacation Home in Fiji?

Fiji once housed the happiest people on the Earth according to a 2011 survey. The reasons for happiness of the inhabitants are obvious with a laid-back environment, favorable weather, pristine water, virgin tropical forests and a tolerant society. Fiji is a top destination for the tourists looking to enjoy a pleasant, peaceful and revitalizing holiday. There are several tourist spots in the country that are made for the couple for an intimate and enjoyable holiday.

Fiji is an archipelago consisting of 333 islands but mostly unsuitable to live-in. But, the country is still under-populated offering good space for foreigners to build a home and settle there. The country is a perfect place for the people looking to relocate to a peaceful and serene country to escape the city blues. To build a home in Fiji, it is essential to buy a land plot suiting the need and requirement. It is essential to buy the properties following the new set of rules in the real estate.

The real estate industry of Fiji has been revitalized with returning of democracy in the country. Investment in the real estate industry is flowing from all regions. There are options to invest in building tourist spots developing a whole island for it. Apart from that, there are villas, houses, resorts, resort and land plots to invest and earn good return. The Fiji real estate industry has grown manifolds over the years in the market now. But, it is essential for the investors to hire a local agency while making the investment in the country. No investment in the property can be made in the cities as it is banned for the foreigners. This is why it is essential for the foreigners to buy properties from faraway places.

To build a home, it is essential to find a land plot first. The island on which the land will bought need to have good connectivity, favorable weather and basic amenities for a good living. But, the most important thing is to see that there is no caveat, mortgages and legal issues are attached with the land. Freehold land is the best option for the foreigners to buy, use and resell at will. Fiji property sales contain the best lands that are really ideal to build home or develop into a tourist place. But, it is essential to seek permission from Ministry of land, Fiji before buying more than half an acre of land. Hire an agency that would help in searching and investing in the land in Fiji.

To be eligible to buy land in Fiji, a temporary resident visa or work permit is essential. After finding the land, it is essential to invest minimum 150k dollars in building the house to be granted by the Government. Buying properties in Fiji is cheaper, simple and easy but need longer time to process. It is essential to hire a local real estate expert to process the deed title quickly. Find a property for sale in Fiji hiring a local expert to increase buying process quickly. Contact our real estate experts to search and buy properties in Fiji at affordable prices. 

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