How To Build Biceps Through Bicep Exercises, Workouts And Diet

The common method, lifting weight is one of the exercises for biceps but not the best one. If you are truly desperate to build biceps then you can go for some of the greatest options in the trade: barbell curl, cable curl and dumbbell curl. The list is not finished yet, you can also notice a far better alternative in the following article. Chin-up is the one which is simply the best and moreover, you can do it at your home. Chin-up provides you the best arms and big biceps. Notice the impressive and most attractive arms of any of the gymnasts. Gymnast performs a lot of chin-up. Moreover, this old form of exercise has been proved as the best exercise for building biceps by some group of scientists. It is said that as we lift our body up, more muscle fiber start accumulating onto you arms.

Chin-up has a lot of variations. The most usual one is: negative chin-up. This one is for the beginners. Take a chair, stand on it, hold the bar, get yourself stretched towards floor, and now stand back on to the chair. Repeat it as per your strength on daily basis.

There are various other exercises that can also be followed. Firstly, stand and widespread your legs, as per your width. Make a contact between your hands and thighs. Your knees must be kept straight. Take the bottles of water in a manner as if you are holding a hammer. Raise your hand towards shoulders. This process is called as lifting. Now lower your hands to the initial position. Do the repetitions of 4 sets, with 16 wrap each. You should take special care about breathing. Breathe out from mouth while lifting and breathe in while getting down.

Next exercise for you is Overhead grip curl. It sounds a bit tuff and yes, it requires much more effort as compared to other exercises. The standing position would remain same as the previous one. Here, a slight bend in your knees is affordable. Keep your hands on the lower thighs. Take the bottles again but this time in an opposite way. Again start the phase of lifting and lowering. Do make an attempt to make a contact with your shoulder. Do not let any kind of locking in your arms. If it happens, then unfortunately there will a pain in your arms for at least 1 month.

Again you need to follow the same tips for breathing in and out. If not followed then there may be a pain in your ribs for 15 minutes. This time you need to repeat it for 3 sets and 20 wraps each (if you are not the beginner). To tone up any part of body, by doing workout, you should always concentrate on your diet. Avoid sugar and fats in the diet. Food with rich content of sodium is not good for you, if you go for workouts. Consume good quantity of proteins to attain attractive and big biceps. If you eat chicken then make sure its skin is removed.

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