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How to Brush Your Teeth in Urdu Correctly

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•When trying to brush your teeth, first and foremost, choose the right toothbrush. Go in for a toothbrush that has the right number of tufts and has preferably soft or at the most medium hard bristles.
•Once you have chosen the toothbrush, take it and place a small amount of toothpaste on it. Always remember that it is much better to use a toothpaste as against a tooth powder, because a paste is much less abrasive when compared to a tooth powder. Take the paste and cover only one-third the head of the toothbrush with it. There is no need to waste toothpaste by using too much of it, as only enough is needed to ensure that there is formation of foam on using the toothpaste. Oh, and if you’re wondering about how to brush your teeth with baking soda, then please stop wondering about such destructive things immediately. Don’t try stunts like brushing teeth with baking soda, because this only irreversibly abrades the surface of your teeth.
•Once one-third the head of the toothbrush is covered with toothpaste, then take the toothbrush and hold it at a forty-five degree angle to the teeth, such that the bristles rest on both the gums and the teeth.
•Now, place the toothbrush on the outer surface of the posterior teeth and then, bring about a slight backward and forward movement. Do not be too forceful nor hasty, as this will end up abrading the teeth. Do the same for the outer surface of the posterior upper teeth on the other side.
•Take the toothbrush and once again hold it at a forty-five degree angle to your lower teeth and brush once again, the outer surfaces of the posterior teeth.
•Once you are done with cleaning the buccal surfaces of posterior teeth, then take a using the toothbrush, you need to clean the front teeth. This is a very important step when it comes to brushing teeth properly, as there are high chances of cavity formation in the interdental areas of the front teeth, but at the same time, brushing very harshly may land you with abraded teeth. So, how to brush your teeth properly without abrading them? Well, you have to brush the upper teeth from top to bottom and the lower teeth from bottom to top. The main logic behind this is quite simple – when you brush your upper teeth from top to bottom and the lower teeth from bottom to top, then you are ensuring that the debris and plaque is being pushed away from the gum line, so that you do not inadvertently end up pushing plaque into your gums or, you do not injure them and lead to bleeding gums when brushing or other gum diseases.
•Once you are done with cleaning all surface of your front teeth, then clean the occlusal surface of all teeth, that is, the biting surface of the permolars and molars.
•After the teeth have been cleaned, then you can take the bristles of the toothbrush and slightly massage your gums with it. This helps to improve circulation in the gums and so, makes them healthier. If you’re wondering about how long to brush your teeth, then all of this shouldn’t take less than two and not more than five minutes.
•If you’re wondering how to brush your teeth and at the same time clean your tongue, then you can even clean your tongue with the bristles of your toothbrush. You needn’t use a tongue cleaner to do this. Also, it is still being debated as to whether it is necessary to brush your tongue separately, as many people get a gag reflex from doing so. You can also floss your teeth with a dental floss threader or can also use a mouthwash once you are done, depending on what your dentist advises you to do.

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