How Pancakes became a top listed healthy breakfast option

It’s been a half year and already we have seen several food trends around a span of six months. From melting chocolate balls to meat balls, from starters to dessert food is the new F word that everyone is talking about. Special thanks to social media networking sites who have made foodies go around and post these tempting items. Over the years there were people conscious about weight gain and size zero, however, now it’s all about getting healthy, nutritious diet and a complete no-no to starvation. Social media is definitely  bringing all healthy food eaters together. This healthy food eaters are not only sharing their food images but are also broadly opening up their diet routine, secret recipes,  and nutrition charts.  And That’s how gold pancakes broke into the healthy diet plans of fitness fanatics.

For any homo sapiens on this earth, a morning has to be kick started with a king size breakfast cause your whole day depends on how you spent your morning. After all, you can never win a battle with an empty stomach either. And therefore, pancakes are just the all new next breakfast plate which are more nutritious enough to replace your old breakfast.

These pancakes are a morning nutrition bombs  much more than what a poached egg can give you.  Its several varieties like caffeinated pancakes, oats, honey, wheat, buttermilk pancakes, etc. lets you target on your needful nutrient content. You can experiment with flavors, batter and customize it the way you want without compromising with its taste.  

The Great energy source

A basic pancake is made up of egg, flour and milk, which is equal to almost 221 calories. A normal breakfast almost contains 350-500 calories. So here, pancakes are low in calories, fats and carbs as compared to your daily breakfast dish. You can increase pancakes nutrient content according to your body needs and also when you want to have it. Before workout or post workout.  Keeping that in mind you can add in bananas, berries, cheese, potatoes, carrots, yogurt or Paleo pumpkins too. A single serving of pancakes is a great source of calcium, phosphorous and proteins which helps strengthen your body for the rest of the day.

A Stomach full of health and taste for whole family

The fluffy Pancakes are favorite among all age groups, be it kids or elderly clan. Pancakes are for all. This tasty breakfast is easy to make and healthy to eat. So everyday you don’t need to worry about the nutrient contents. Just experiment with its ingredients. They are best for your child’s school tiffin, your office lunch, post workout food or a treat for your grands. Whether you are on a diet or not. Whether you want t lose weight or gain, pancakes fit in all diet plans!

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