How Much is Car Insurance for Teens in Pennsylvania

There is nothing like the thrill for a 16 year old to be able to drive a car. While the teens can’t wait though, parents cringe at the thought of purchasing auto insurance for a teenage driver. The rates for teens are among the highest for any group of people in the country and that is because teen drivers have one of the highest accident rates.

How much is car insurance for teens in Pennsylvania? Rates vary from county to county but you can expect to pay about $2,000 more per year when you add a teenager onto your policy and that is assuming that they have a perfect driving record. The best way to control the cost of the premium is by making it clear to your child that they must operate the vehicle safely to be able to continue to afford insurance. Even one speeding ticket can drive up the cost of auto insurance for teens dramatically.

Pennsylvania has very strict laws that require extensive training for teenage drivers before they can drive on their own. Make sure that the young driver takes these classes seriously and understands the importance of operating a vehicle in a safe manner. The Commonwealth begins by giving the teen a junior learners permit during which time the teen must drive for at least 50 hours under the supervision of a licensed adult driver. This is when the parent can instill in the teen many responsible driving habits. Getting a ticket at this time could lead to the learners permit being suspended and will result in higher insurance rates.

Make sure that the child is knowledgeable of all traffic laws in Pennsylvania especially the new laws regulating the use of a cell phone while behind the wheel. It is illegal to send a text message by phone while driving and it is even illegal for a teen to be talking on a cell phone at all. It is also important that the teen know that they cannot have any alcohol in their system whatsoever when driving. Adults are permitted to have a drink or two before driving but there is zero tolerance for teens in Pennsylvania.

Violating these rules will affect how much is car insurance for teens in Pennsylvania.

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