How Michael Jordan Used Bodyweight Exercises To Build Explosive Power!

If Henry Ford had asked people what they wanted when he decided to build the Model T, they would have told him “faster horses”. Thats just the way life is. Often people only really “get” that they “need” something when its shown to them, their friends or neighbours have it, and then life simply starts looking too difficult without it.

This is where the bodyweight exercises comes in. It has proven to be one of the most flexible, adaptable and effective training programs on the planet, and has been adopted by top athletes and warriors for centuries in order to produce the results that made them great, yet its only now reaching broad appeal as it has been revealed as the secret ingredient of great training.

Two things normally need to happen before an undiscovered treasure becomes discovered. One, people need to find out about it, (and now you have) and two, it needs to be validated by movers and shakers, people who know people or are known by people as knowing their stuff – Blink, Malcolm Gladwell.

So, to satisfy social proof, enter Boxing Champion Pretty Boy Floyd Mayweather, and basketball Hall of Fame Legend Michael Jordan

“Pretty Boy Floyd Mayweather.. hovers within 3 or 4 pounds of his fighting weight at all times by jumping rope, playing basketball, and doing body-weight exercises twice a week.”(Mens Health) Probably, the most effective type of fitness training in existence for beginners and professional athletes.

Or consider Michael Jordan. Many of you will be familiar with his story in that he was dropped from his High School Basketball team, because although he had some skills, his coach decided that he didn’t have the heart, the elusive X factor that defines real champions.

What a decision! The good news is that Michael took this news like the warrior that he was and decided to reinvent himself as an invincible athlete, and to do this he realised that he needed to get some bodyweight training into his routine, to develop the explosive strength in his legs, that although necessary for everyone who engages in physical activity is absolutely essential for top flight basketball players.

Michael went into his backyard with a spade, and started digging. (While an enormously underrated strength and fitness tool, this isn’t it). He knew that to build the type of explosive strength and power that he needed, he would be required to do things that other people just wouldn’t do – sound familiar. This is the cornerstone of all success.

He dug a hole, climbed down into it and started springing out of the hole, mimicing the action at the net that would later make him such an incredible player. For a lot of people that’s where it would end, but not Michael. After training for a few days, Michael would get out the shovel and climb back down into the hole to make it deeper, making the exercise harder and galvanising a titanic will and determination.

No matter what your fitnes goal, make a start, and where better than with a bodyweights exercise routine? If bodyweight exercises have worked for Pretty Boy Floyd Mayweather, Michael Jordan, Matt Furey and Bruce Lee, do you think they might work for you?

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