How Far is Rome From Venice

Many of our clients are asking us how to go from Rome to Venice or from Venice to Rome,  How far is Venice from Rome and if they should go by train, by flight or by car. The distance between Rome and Venice is about 520 kilometers. We have many more Italy Vacation Information, Travel Review and Tourist Attractions Articles Now Available.

By Train

By train it takes about 4 hours and a half station-to-station for something between 60EUR (2nd class) and 90EUR (1st class). You basically leave from Rome Termini Station, which is the main central station in Rome and located in the city center, and end up in Venezia Santa Lucia Station which is on the island of Venice and you are ready to go! Between Rome and Venice the train also stops in Florence and Bologna, a 5 to 10 minute stop each. Eurostar trains are very comfortable, power supply for your laptop or to recharge your phone are available onboard, the journey itself is pleasant as the train crosses the Italian countryside and you can enjoy some nice views from your window from time to time.

You can check and book online your tickets with the official Italian Railway Company which is called Trenitalia (english available). You are supposed to choose the exact time and date of your train according to the schedule and your seats. Pay attention as the dates you book can’t be changed and if you are found travelling on a different train from the one you booked you’ll be fined, controls are very strict. You are not necessarily supposed to buy your tickets in Italy, or by an Italian travel agency company, you can book the tickets online, Trenitalia will send you an email or text message to your phone (or both) with the reservation number. Print your receipt and reservation number and bring it with you, wait for the ticket collector to come to your place (they check the train regularly back and forth) and you are all set. Both when booking and when travelling our advice is make sure to look for Venice ‘Santa Lucia Station’ and not (Venice) Mestre Station, Mestre is in fact a different city from Venice and still on the mainland, you are most probably going to visit the island of Venice.

By Flight

From Rome to Venice it’s about 1 hour flight. Prices really depend on the time and season and are subject to special offers. You might end up finding good deals even though it’s usually more expensive than by train. You are most probably travelling from Rome Fiumicino Leonardo Da Vinci Airport (the largest italian hub in Rome) and San Marco International Airport in Venice. Check out Alitalia website for availability and rates. Chances are that you can find flights from Rome Ciampino International Airport and Treviso Sant’Angelo Airport, usually this are operated by low cost companies and namely Ryanair. This route is equally convenient as Ciampino Airport is as close to Rome as Fiumicino Leonardo da Vinci Airport and Treviso airport is about 1 hour by bus from Venice. In both cases however you should consider that you’ll have to be in the airport in advance (from 1 to 2 hours), go through all of the check-in security procedures and controls. The airports in Rome and Venice are not just as central as the railway station are so you have to consider the traffic, the additional time needed to go to/from the airport and the city center and the additional cost of taxi and transportation.

What’s best?

Our advise is to use the train better than a flight since, at the end of the day, by flight it should be a little shorter but we consider it a more stressful and pricey option compared to going by train, but then it’s up to you….enjoy your journey! We have many more Italy Vacation Information, Travel Review and Tourist Attractions Articles Now Available.