How Do You Write a Resume Cover Letter?

Resume cover letter is an important document. It explains about your motive to apply for particular job opening. Now you may wonder if the motive is explained in the resume cover letter, then why to write the objective in the resume once again? The most important thing you have to understand is motive and objective differs a lot. Motive indicates the position for which you want to apply? Objective tells about your career goals. So how do you write a resume cover letter is important to know.

The cover letter of resume speaks about your motive. It highlights your educational qualification and personal information.

Consider following factors while writing resume cover letters:

  • You should be successful to approach in a personalized manner. You should successfully indicate why you are keen to work with the company.
  • The letter should be brief, still effective. You should start the letter in a well thought manner that will help you stand differently than the other candidates. You can pinpoint the most suited skills for the job that you acquire, and can mention the knowledge about the company in an effective manner
  • If the recruiter has asked you to mention the salary related information, then and then only include the information in the letter, such as current CTC, expected CTC, notice period etc. In the rest of the cases it is not required to mention these details in resume cover letter
  • You should check the letter thoroughly before sending for spelling mistakes, typo errors, grammatical mistakes etc.
  • Mention about your availability to come for the interview and provide the details such as contact numbers, e-mail address etc.

A well written letter draws the attention of the recruiter to click the download attachments tab, and you are successful to move one step ahead. After the recruiter goes through the resume you have attached, you may be called for the interview. So resume cover letter is the beginning hurdle that has to be cleared in a professional way.

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