How Do I Get Rid of the Trojan Virus

Trojan viruses are tricky because they are different from a regular computer virus.  A trojan virus is a piece of malicious software that opens a whole in your computer that leaves it open to other malware attacks.

The trojan virus gets its name from the Greek legend of the Trojan Horse because of how the Greeks made their way into the city of Troy by presenting them with a huge horse statue that contained Greek soldiers.

More or less, the virus piggybacks on a seemingly harmless program so it can infiltrate your computer.  Once the back door in your computer has been opened to other forms of malicious programs like spyware, adware and other programs, your personal information is at a great risk. Certain spyware like key loggers can record every single keystroke you make, transmit that information back to a hackers, which then can be deciphered to attain your credit card numbers and other sensitive personal information.

So you’re asking, “How do I get rid of the trojan virus?”

Well, here are some things to do immediately to stop any more spyware and malicious programs from accessing your computer.

Make sure if you have any anti-spyware/virus software, that it is up to date.  It’s critical in the first place that you have some sort of software.
Scan the computer’s registry to find the trojan virus and eliminate.  This is where these things lurk, in the registry entries in your computer.  A registry cleaner will do the trick.
Access the task manager by pressing ctrl+alt+delete and close any and all programs that are running in the background that you think are dangerous.  If something doesn’t look right, end the process.  You can also go to the add/remove programs in the control panel and remove the program that you think contained the trojan virus.

The best thing to do is to arm your computer with antispyware software.  Nothing beats.  Trying to manually delete programs is involved and taxing.

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