How Do I Get Rid Of Malware – A Malware Guide

“How do I get rid of malware?” is a question I am often asked. As a computer technician I was shocked to see that so many people are still unaware of and are not using malware protection, to keep their computers safe. I have seen just about everything as a technician, and the malware I have had to remove from computers has been quite a lot and I do mean a lot! If you are someone who is still unaware of the dangers of malware let me explain it to you. I am certain that those who are aware of the damage it can do will surely agree that this has gotten to be a real problem.

Now let me explain, malware acts like a computer virus but in reality it is bad software. It enters your system as you browse certain sites and installs itself without you knowing it. The one most people get is the one that takes over your browser. (Internet Explorer or any others) It basically takes your search engine and homepage and puts it somewhere else. How annoying is it when you try to use your browser and it doesn’t work right, or in some cases at all. Though some systems affected with this malware can be repaired by removing the offending software. Others are not as lucky and end up having to have their operating system completely rebuilt.

Becoming more and more popular a threat, malware is certainly on the rise. The number of systems I have had to fix or rebuild is proof of that. You must protect your systems if you want to avoid this happening to you. If you choose not to use the protection it is a very real possibility that your system will eventually be infected. If you don’t want to have to come to me to rebuild your computer system which by no means is cheap, then you need to get malware protection installed today.

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