How Do I Get Rid Of Acne Scars On My Face – Cheap And Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Stretch Mark, Pimples And Acne Scars

I have lots of acne scars on my face, kind of pores and few deep once too. What should I do to get rid of them? I mean, how do I get rid of acne scars on my face? I am looking for cheap and effective ways that won’t cost that much.

This is a question that gets asked by so many people on the internet today, who have acne and would want to get rid of it. In this short article I will give you some few tips and tricks for getting rid of acne scars; – tips that are cheap and effective at the same time.

Ok here we go: This is a very safe, natural, minimal cost treatment that has worked wonders for me and many others who have tried it out in getting rid of acne, and all kinds of scars. It also rid my face of a mass of freckles.

Use any natural oil – almond, grape seed, olive are good. They are non comedogenic – so do not clog, cause pimples, acne and they lessen skin’s oil production. In 2 days ‘will normalize enlarged pores. Nose responds more slowly but this will rid it of all pimples and reduce pores.

First, tighten skin by opening mouth 3/4″ and pulling lips firmly back against teeth. Vigorously massage daily. If build up to 15 to 30 minutes (can be in 2 or more sessions) you will get rapid results.

Do forward and back not circular massage. There is a knack, but to give you an idea – massage from chin point with front of entire hand (both hands together) up to cheek bones and back. In other areas you will do smaller sweeps using tips and front of fingers

Depending on how vigorous/how frequently you do, see clear diminishing in roughly 1 to 2 weeks then progress quickens. It WILL rid skin of acne and all scars. This has worked for many people. It’s a permanent cure. You can have a totally clear, healthy skin.

Bio-oil also helps with scars and stretch marks. After we had our daughter and my wife started losing weight, she got 5-7 stretch marks on my tummy and immediately started using the Bio-oil. It’s been 10 weeks now and you can barely tell they were even there at all. Also, where she had my belly button pierced 4 years ago there was a pretty bad scar from where it was ripped out and that’s pretty much faded to nothing.

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