How Can Windows Live One Care Help You

Windows Live One Care is a software which automatically reviews the status of your system and takes necessary action accordingly in order to optimize the performance of the PC. It is incorporated with the following features:

• Virus removal
• Antispyware protection
• Firewall
• Performance tune-ups
• Data backup and restore

Any kind of information on Windows Live One Care can be fetched from online Microsoft Support website.

It not only helps protect your computer. Its auto-optimization feature keeps the users system running at its best. It could also be configured for a regular backup of the important files. Getting all this in one single package is amazing. The features can be studied in more details on the Microsoft Support website.

“Protection Plus” manages antivirus antispyware and two way firewall, which help protect the user’s computer from viruses, worms, Trojan horses, hackers etc. The best part is that all these features keep running in the background automatically but it does not stop the user from scanning a desired file. That option is always available by right clicking on a particular item. To know more about this feature please contact Microsoft support team.

“Performance Plus” tune ups defrags the hard drive on regular intervals, keeps removing unnecessary files from the system Online Microsoft support is available on this.

“Backup and Restore” keeps backing up the important files. To know more about how does the backup and restore feature works, please visit Microsoft support website

Online Microsoft Support is available to the user 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on any of the above mentioned features.

The advantages of having OneCare are as following:
• Unlimited 24/7 telephone, email and chat support by the Microsoft Support team
• As long as the subscription is active, no need to worry about the version and feature upgrades
• Regular updates to combat emerging threats
• Coverage on upto three PCs with a three years subscription

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