How Anti Cholesterol Drug Helps In Lowering Cholesterol

Your body needs cholesterol to function properly. It helps the body to form new cells, insulate nerves and produce hormones. The liver produces cholesterol the body needs. But cholesterol also enters the body through food, such as milk, eggs and meat. But the additional blood cholesterol causes deposits that accumulate on the inner walls of blood vessels. This buildup is called plaque. This plaque narrows the arteries and reduces or stops circulation. This can lead to a heart attack, a stroke or a narrowing of the arteries elsewhere in the body. Excess cholesterol in the blood can lead to coronary artery disease. It is believed that Anti Cholesterol Drugs are the best drugs for use in people who need drugs to lower their cholesterol. Initial treatment involves the observance of a diet low in fat and high in fiber, as well as exercises. But for some people this is not enough to reduce cholesterol. These people also need to take Anti Cholesterol drug in order to control cholesterol level.

Generic Drugs for Cholesterol Control that are available online include:

  • Statins
  • Niacin
  • Drugs that promote the excretion of bile acids
  • Fibric acid
  • cholesterol absorption inhibitors

These anti Cholesterol drug produce a greater effect in combination with diet. Generic Drugs for Cholesterol Control reduce bad cholesterol from the body. Generally these drugs are prescribed by Canadian doctors, so that you can buy Anti Cholesterol Drugs Online at Canada, and enjoy better health. Anti Cholesterol Drugs is available online to protect you throughout your life from disease, because it reduces cholesterol, especially the bad LDL cholesterol increases the chances of a heart attack. Even if you take medication to lower cholesterol, it is important to keep up with changes in lifestyle. Following a healthy diet and physical activity can make drugs more effective.

Initially, Anti Cholesterol Drugs statins were prescribed in the pharmaceutical regime designed to combat high cholesterol. Statins lower cholesterol by inhibiting a specific enzyme, which in turn stimulates LDL (bad) cholesterol receptors in the liver, leading to increased clearance of LDL from the blood and the overall reduction in cholesterol. The results are almost immediate; for a week, the drug first results are apparent, but only after four to six weeks, the maximum effect of the drugs. It is a popular option because LDL levels are generally reduced anywhere from 30 to 50 percent.

Each type of cholesterol medication works differently to improve your cholesterol levels. Some medications can lower your triglycerides. Most people start with a statin because statins generally work well to lower bad cholesterol (LDL). If your bad cholesterol is still too high, your doctor or nurse may increase your dose or adding a statin cholesterol medication other to help you achieve your goal. Crestor, Lipitor, Lescol, Mevacor, Pravachol, and Zocor are some of the example of Generic Drugs for Cholesterol Control that has the capability to reduce cholesterol and is now available online at low prices.

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