Hot Spots For Young Adults in Hawaii

Hawaii is a dream spot for many travelers, and not surprisingly many end up deciding to move permanently to the Aloha State. The location has often been thought of as an ideal place to retire, but Hawaii also has much to offer for young adults.

One thing that often inhibits young adults from moving to Hawaii is the high price of Hawaii real estate. However, just like anywhere else, Hawaii has a broad range of possibilities in terms of homes, condominiums, and apartments and the associated costs. Also, since one will be working in Hawaii, the wages here are also higher than in many other areas of the United States. After all, Hawaiians need to be able to afford Hawaii real estate themselves.

Choosing where to live in Hawaii can be a daunting task since this state, despite its small size, has so much to offer. Most people tend to love Hawaii for its natural beauty and great beaches, but the devil is often in the details. If you prefer to enjoy Hawaii’s natural bounty in an urban setting, then Honolulu is definitely the choice.

Honolulu is a major metropolis and has plenty of culture, arts, entertainment, intellectual pursuits and other facets of urban living. However, there are also the great beaches at Waikiki, the scenery of Diamond Head, and other great spots just outside the downtown area.

Of course, Honolulu is a big city so you will still have to choose the neighborhood that you want to live in. Like the Hawaii real estate market elsewhere in the islands, there is a great variety of price ranges available. Depending on whether you are a young professional couple, or more in the working class, or a college student, will determine the best place to live in Honolulu.

If you would rather get away from it all, you may want to consider Hawaii’s other islands, particularly Maui, Kauai and the Big Island.

Maui probably resembles Oahu, the island that Honolulu is located on, most closely. A popular tourist destination, Maui though still lacks the big city atmosphere that one finds in Honolulu. And there is plenty of natural scenery to explore here including the Haleakala Crater.

The Big Island is more remote and will appeal to those who enjoy the stark beauty that nature often offers. Here it is the volcano Kilauea that dominates much of the landscape with vestiges of her previous eruptions. Black lava can be seen everywhere and a volcanic mist known as “vog” often leaves a sulfurous odor in the air. The luxurious Hawaii real estate that one finds on Oahu, Maui and Kauai is harder to come by on the Big Island. However, many people are willing to give up some creature comforts for a higher quality of living. The crowds are sparser here and there arguably is more to do outdoors. You can explore the island’s still active volcanoes, hike down to the pristine Waipio Valley, or participate in a marlin fishing tournament in Kona. You can even ski and snowboard on Mauna Kea mountain which rises 13,769 feet above sea level and whose peak is sometimes blanketed with a decent snow covering.

Kauai, like the Big Island, has a feeling of remoteness to it and this location is famed as another Eden. If your priority is to live in an area where you are consistently inundated with spectacular views, then Kauai may be the place for you.

Of course, there are many practical considerations to take into account in choosing a location in Hawaii. The job market, for example, is an important factor since most young adults don’t have the luxury of retiring yet. Some types of jobs are always in demand in the Aloha State even in times of economic hardship. For example, Hawaii tends to have a shortage of nurses just like many other areas of the world.

Hawaii relies on tourism more than most other places, so the job market is often dependent on how the tourism industry is doing at the moment. Things can change quickly, but the state rarely suffers the extreme shifts found in some other states.

During the housing market boom, the Hawaii real estate market was a great place for newcomers to find employment, but the subsequent worldwide mortgage collapse dampened those prospects. However, most analysts expect that eventually the real estate market will pick up again after the bad mortgages are all cleared from the books.

Fortunately, you do not necessarily need to travel to Hawaii to research the job market and to search for home prices and availability. The internet allows you to scan through vast listings right from the comfort of your home computer or mobile device. Hot spots can change so you will need to track the latest information from the islands.

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