Hong Kong the City Lantau Beaches (Cheung Sha Lower and Higher)


Cheung sha lower is a beautiful beach clean,sandy and its just north of the Cheung Sha upper beach separated only by a viewing point which gives a wonderful view of both upper and lower beaches.These Lantau beaches where ever you go are well maintained and Cheung Sha lower is no exception with all the facilities that you expect from a good beach, and all the facilities you will ever need.The facilities are of course first class with changing rooms,showers and toilets for both male and female.Life guards on duty, very professional all to make a day out at the beach a day to remember, safely knowing any problems will be dealt with.There are as with all Lantau beach picnic areas and large B,Q areas all ready for the day at the beach.just bring your supplies or even buy them from the local shop on site.Then again why cook even though b,q is good fun its work for the adults why not have a meal in one of the restaurants and that means adults can play too. We have many more Hong Kong Vacation Information, Travel Review and Tourist Attractions Articles Now Available.

This beach is really heaven for children clean,sandy beaches with open spaces no worries of traffic just a place to have fun.Take a walk to the viewing point and just see what is around you,excitement is that what you want, then at the bottom end of the upper beach not to far up the beach from the viewing point is a place where you can hire.Not only does it hire surf boards and other beach equipment it also has a play area for the children and it has its own snack and drinks shop.This really is a great beach with all your requirements met so why not give it a try,plus because its a little out of the way its not as crowded as other beaches.

Transportation from Hong Kong to Mui Wo is by ferry from central pier 6 then buses nos 1,2,3m.and 4 or from Hong Kong by mtr to Tung Chung then by bus no 3m.have a good day out


Cheung Sha beach is broken down into two beaches upper and lower The only reason it is in two parts because of a land protruding out to sea in the center,if it was just one beach it would be in excess of 2 kilometers long.Like all the beaches on Lantau island this beach has all the facilities including changing rooms,showers toilets for male and female.
All Lantau beaches have speared no expense in making their beaches the best that can be, everything is there, all we need is you. There is also a shop selling snacks and drinks,life guards on duty making it very professional who also have at there deposal a first aid room (for the unforeseen accidents).

There are also B,Q areas,so why not bring your snacks with you and have some fun being a chef on the beach or if you don’t want to cook just bring a snack to have in the picnic area all within the Cheung Sha beach area.Now at the bottom end of the beach is a hire center that not only hire surf boards and lots more beach equipment it also has a children’s play area so for the price of one you get two. Large beach where children can play without fear of traffic or go to the hire center and have fun.This beach is a little way from either Tung Chung or Mui Wo but that means that this beach is not as crowded as say Mui Wo.

Transportation from hong Kong is by MTR to Tung Chung then the no 21 or the 11 bus or from Hong Kong to Mui Wo by ferry from central pier 6 and then by bus nos 1,2 4 Have an enjoyable day. We have many more Hong Kong Vacation Information, Travel Review and Tourist Attractions Articles Now Available.