Home User Guide to Free Virus Removal – How to Remove Conficker Worm Easily

The Confiker is a worm that should have activated itself on April 1st but did not, proves to be a still-standing threat to the world. Now imagine what will happen if you’re the one who gets this infection then it will be a headache for you since you don’t know how to remove this malicious software. Luckily, there are software that can remove it easily.

Conficker is a computer worm believed to be the largest infection right now. It has infected lots of computer in the world and even has few variations. Even though it didn’t activate itself during 1st of April, it’s still out there waiting for instruction.

A computer worm is software that can infect your PC and turn it to a zombie computer. A zombie computer is a computer that can be controlled by the hackers hence, used for a lot of malicious purpose such as DDoS attack.

So, how to remove the Conficker Worm? It can be removed by downloading Malicious Software Removal Tools provided by Microsoft or you can search for third parties that provide the tools such as McAfee and Symantec.

I’ve downloaded the Conficker Removal Tool by McAfee just want to see if my computer had been infected. Even though I have lots of protection software, but still, I need to check for it just in case. The removal tool result showed that my computer is free from this infection.

These removal tools are free to download and you don’t need to pay a cent for it. The Conficker was discovered during November 2008 and there are four variations to date.

Microsoft is offering rewards for those who can give information which can lead to the capture of the creator or creators.

Most anti-virus companies have updated their anti-virus definition so their software will be able to remove it. However, the Conficker Worm is evolving with lots of variations and as long as the creator is free, there will be new variations emerge.

So, if you know anything about this worm, report it to the authorities so we can use the internet without the fear of being infected.

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