Home Security Tips That Thieves Dont want you to know!!

With all of the parties, events, and travel you’ll be partaking in around theholidays, you’ll likely be spending less time at home than usual. Combine that with all the extra shopping, and, sorry to scare you, but you’ve got prime opportunities for break-ins. Didn’t you see Home Alone?!

To help you focus on all that’s merry and bright this time of year, consider your home’s security. The last thing you want to worry about is unwelcome visitors, and there are a few things you can do to make it difficult for them. Because thieves often don’t know what’s up for grabs, burglary is a gamble. So they want an easy break-in with as little effort as possible. The harder you make it for them, the less likely they’ll pick you as a target.

Tip #1 Put your lights on timers
Burglars look for trends and patterns that signal when you’re away. Automating the lights and shades helps ward them off. You want to make your home appear lived in, so also consider motion-sensor lights and timers for a radio, TV, or other electronics. And it’s even better if you can vary up the pattern, so the same light doesn’t turn on at 6:00 p.m. each day for the entire time you’re away

Tip #2 Keep your Family’s plans OFF SOCIAL MEDIA!
Criminals have eveoled so you and your family should keep your plans off the net. This makes it very easy for anyone to know when your house may be empty. 

Tip #3 Quality on doors and locks
The majority of break-ins occur due to easy access, most criminals are not smart and can be deterred from robbing your property, believe it or not most break ins occur through the front door! You want a solid core or metal door that won’t budge and a top-quality deadbolt lock to go with it.

Tip #4 Stop your mail delivery
An overflowing mailbox identifies an easy target for burglars, because it means the residents are more than likely out of town. Have someone pick up your mail, or put it on hold at the post office.

Tip #5 Keep boxes from big purchases hidden in the trash
Especially during the holidays, leaving empty boxes from expensive items just advertises what’s up for grabs for burglars. Put them in a opaque trash bag, and if your city requires otherwise for recyclables, at least flatten the boxes and tape them together, with the inside of a box blocking out any descriptions.