Hit and Run Driver Caught Due to Her vehicle’s 911 Assist system

A woman who fled the scene of a crash thought she had got away with it – until her car called the police.

Cathy Bernstein, 57, attempted to drive off after hitting a truck and a van in Port St LucieĀ in Florida.

But her Ford vehicle’s 911 Assist system Sync thwarted her escape, by passing on her location and details to police and connecting her in-car telephone system to local officers.

The system automatically calls police when the car’s airbag is deployed.

During a conversation with police she denied that she had been in a car accident, but the police operator appeared to be sceptical.

They said: “Your car wouldn’t call us if someone pulled out in front of you unless there had been an accident.”

Ms Bernstein replied: “No, I would never do that.”

The call took place at the same time police were investigating a hit-and-run report nearby – and officers spotted the connection.

When police arrived at her house they saw her car had a wrecked front end, with silver paint from the other car still on it.

But even then, police say she claimed she had hit a tree.

She eventually admitted her role in the accident and was charged with a hit-and-run.