Highly Effective Cover Letters For Your Bartender Resume

If you want to get a bartending job, you must get your bartender resume read. Unfortunately, a lot of effort is spent by job-seekers on writing a resume, but they usually ignore the cover letter completely. Your cover letter will have the most important role when applying for a bartending job. The employer will first look over your cover letter, and if he doesn’t see anything interesting, the whole resume gets ignored – however great it was.

To market yourself and determine what you can or have, the cover letter is your only chance. The following are some quick-fix tips for your bartending cover letter.

1. ADDRESS your cover letter to a specific person. Don’t just create an addresse like “To The Manager”. Do the best you can to get the full name and information of who the letter is addressed to. When the employer sees their name on there, they will be very impressed.

2. OPEN with an attention-grabbing first sentence to really grip the reader. Like on the web, to make your site ranked high, you need to do a keyword phrase mixed with an eye catching message to be counted. Doing this strategy will get you a high guarantee that your cover letter and resume gets a closer look.

3. REMEMBER Less is more. The best cover letters must have more white space. Don’t write too much in one paragraph. Two hundred (200) words is enough or either 4 sentences in a paragraph is preferable. Cover letters that are clear, focused, short and sweet land more job interviews-period.

4. FOCUS on what you can do for the employer. How can you benefit the company specifically? And what things you could contribute to the establishment you are applying for? Can you give him more a flairtricks? How are you with handling money? Are you fast? They also love to see HONESTY and POSITIVE ATTITTUDE. Do a little research and relate this simply and clearly in your letter.

5. CHOOSE WORDS that show enthusiasm and passion for the bartending position you seek. When you do, that enthusiasm will bring you to an outstanding interview. Be full of energy when you arrive for the interview.

6. REQUEST ONE ACTION you want the employer to take. Most of bartending resumes had an ending Phrase like- “I would like to attend an interview at any time at your convinience”. That’s not specific either. You can’t be sure that you are always free. You can write this instead;”I would really love the opportunity for a personal interview this week.” Now, the employer would think that you are only be free for this week and may take an action to call you immediately.

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