High Risk Occupations That Require Life Cover

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Think you’ve got a tough life working from the safety of your desk behind a computer screen? Well think again! Although a desk job can – at times – feel boring and restrictive, there’s plenty of people who put their lives on the line everyday as part of their career. For individuals in high risk jobs, hazard occupation life insurance is essential especially if you have a family or bills to pay. So what kind of professions require high risk life insurance?

Anyone working in the construction industry is at particular risk from injury at work. In particular, individuals working within scaffolding or roofing should invest in an appropriate level of life cover since working at heights, on ladders or anything involving heavy lifting has plenty of risks attached to it.

Farming is another outdoor occupation that requires life cover. Risks associated when working with livestock, operating heavy and complicated machinery as well as mixing and distributing chemicals make farming a dangerous occupation. Farmers are encouraged to take out life insurance as a means to protecting their families should they die or become critically injured at work.

Working underwater naturally carries with it more risks than land-based work so professional divers and submariners should seriously consider investing in life cover if they haven’t done so already. Since divers rely on an oxygen supply when carrying out technical or observational work below the surface of the water, it’s not uncommon for individuals to experience breathing problems or suffocation. Life insurance for divers is priced accordingly to the risks they face.

Finally, anyone working in the emergency services should also consider taking out life cover for hazardous professions. Whether you’re a fire fighter, paramedic or police officer, people working in the emergency services aren’t afraid to risk their safety to protect someone else. Anyone who goes to compare life cover between someone in a hazardous profession and a less risky role will see a difference in price; although when you’re comparing rescuing people from a burning building to an admin job you can see why!

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