High Risk Life Insurance For Those Who Live On The Edge

A couple of years ago it would have been very difficult for a person involved in high risk jobs to get insured easily but high risk life insurance has changed all of that. You may be a mountaineer, a rock climber, a Formula 1 racer or a scuba diver, a pilot or a scientist working in a nuclear facility, a sky diver etc., and be prone to high risk exposure as part of your job description. This does not mean that you can not be insured.

The same is true for persons suffering from cholesterol, heart disease or a stint in the heart, cancer, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, etc. You may have a medical condition which can be altered with time to reduce your risk, like diabetes, hypertension, cigarette or pipe smoking, alcoholism etc. Under these circumstances too, you are eligible for a high risk life insurance policy. The only thing you need to be clear about is the fact that your life is at a greater risk than a physically healthy individual. So all you need to do is pay a higher rate of premium on your high risk insurance policy

The insurance companies are very strict about giving high risk life insurance to people suffering from health issues. But you need not pay such a high rate of premium. All you have to do is prove to the insurers that your medical history shows that you are on the path of recovery or that you condition has improved and that you can keep you ailment to a minimum.

Ways to reduce your high risk life insurance premium include:

•    The way you drive on the road affects not only the other motorists but also your high risk life insurance policy premium. Too many traffic violations and speeding tickets can affect the rate of your insurance premium. Drivers with high risk life insurance can take driving lessons; ensure that the car has the requisite safety gadgets like anti – skid brakes etc. Act responsible and stay away from alcohol if you are taking the wheel. Since sports cars are looked upon as high risk commodities, exchange your sports car or vehicle with a family sedan to minimize risk and high premium rates.

•    People who suffer from high cholesterol or diabetes must immediately contact their doctor and take his advice on how to reduce their sugar or cholesterol levels, either by medicines or by natural means. This will help to effectively bring down the premium on your high risk life insurance policy.

•    Are you a heavy to moderate smoker or do you smoke the pipe, cigar or chew tobacco, dip, snuff or have a nicotine addiction? If you fall in the second category you have a better chance of getting a high risk life insurance policy with not so high premium rates.

Be it your existing medical condition, life style, profession or genetic make up, the different types of risk policies help you to assess whether you need to go for a low or high risk life insurance policy to ensure that neither you nor your family suffer in the long run.

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