Helpful Jamaica Wedding Planning Tips

Are you interested in having a destination wedding in Jamaica? If you are, you may be looking for helpful planning tips. As amazing as destination weddings are, they can sometimes be difficult to plan. The good news is that there is help available.

First and foremost, it is important to start your planning early. Yes, a destination wedding can be planned at the last minute, but do you really want your special day to be “thrown,” together? The moment you decide you want a Jamaica wedding is the moment that you should start the planning process.

As for why it is important to plan your Jamaica destination wedding in advance, remember travel rules and restrictions. You will need a valid passport to enter into Jamaica. Passports can take a few months to receive. Their costs should also be incorporated into your wedding budget. If you intend to invite a few close friends or family members, give them enough time to order and obtain their passports as well.

Speaking of inviting guests to your destination Jamaica wedding, you may not want to do so. That is the allure of many destination weddings, as they tend to be more private and personal. With that said, if you have your heart set on having a few close friends and family members present, do so. Remember, let guests know of your Jamaica wedding plans in advance. This allows them to save money for the trip. For those who may need convincing, remind them that not only can they attend your wedding, but they can also have a Jamaica vacation!

In most cases, brides plan their wedding first and then discuss their honeymoon later. With destination Caribbean weddings, this is not the approach that you will want to take. Instead, you will want to plan the two together. If you are thinking about getting married in Jamaica, you should consider honeymooning there as well. What is nice about doing so is that Jamaica is known as not only being the perfect place to have a romantic getaway, but a fun vacation as well. This is because there is so much for you to do and see. There are a number of fun activities available, including hiking, sightseeing, snorkeling, and boating. Jamaica is also home to a number of fun, romantic, and educational attractions.

In addition to having a great honeymoon, another reason why you should plan your honeymoon and wedding together is that you may get a free wedding! Yep, a free wedding. Did you know that a number of all-inclusive Jamaica resorts offer vacation packages? Many of these packages include a free wedding. Often times, only a few restrictions need to be met, such as staying five or seven days at the resort. When you honeymoon at the resort in question, these restrictions should automatically be met.

If you do decide to stay at an all-inclusive resort where your wedding is included in the cost of your stay, you are urged to examine that package. While you may get a beautiful wedding ceremony, is the reception included as well? Most resorts should outright tell you what your free wedding will include, like a DJ, photographer, or cater. The good news is that many all-inclusive Jamaica resorts allow you to upgrade your free wedding to your dream wedding for a reasonable fee. However, these are arrangements that should be made well in advance of your trip to Jamaica.

As previously stated, there are a number of Jamaica resorts that allow you to get married onsite, sometimes free of charge. As for which resort you choose, it depends. If you have your heart set on visiting a specific area of Jamaica, like Ocho Rios, look for nearby resorts. With that said, Jamaica is home to a number of adult resorts and couples resorts. You may find these resorts to be more romantic in nature. Just be sure to book a romantic honeymoon suite!

As a recap, make your Jamaica wedding plan well in advance of your special day, make sure you and your guests have valid passports, consider getting married and honeymooning in Jamaica, and examine all-inclusive resorts where you may be able to have a free wedding!

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