Heart failure signs: Heavy and tired legs heart failure signs

Heavy and tired legs are often the only heart failure signs. Sadly people often ignored this sign and it cost them their lives. The most important thing to realize is that the legs have a direct connect to the health of the heart. The legs can often predict what will happen in the heart. Heart failure signs are subtle but are very important to catch to save your life.

Where many people lose their heart is due to waiting and this is what it responsible for millions of deaths worldwide. It is critical to understand that a typical heart exam does not catch what the heavy les and tired legs do. You know your body better than an exam and the body is designed to warn you before hand of a coming major health problem. Heart failure signs often start as heavy and tired legs. The in ability to walk without pain or shortness of breath when walking is a classic symptom.

Surgery is very expensive and painful option. The average cost related to arteries and leg heaviness is close to 30,000 dollars. Once the arteries and veins have been affected a typical diet will not work to reverse the damage. There is a proven diet that has reversed the signs of heart failure and stopped heavy and tired legs. It has been working in many countries worldwide and avoids surgery. You may see it here. CLICK HERE  HEAVY LEGS

Never wait to reverse the start of this problem. Any heart failure signs that have any legs heaviness or tired legs is may be your only warning.

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