Healthy Eating Ingredients

Eat right and stay healthy starts off with meticulous planning. Planning healthy cooking menu for the week, creating ingredients list and regular shopping for fresh ingredients in markets and food stores are great ways to ensure you have healthy food for the family on the dining table. This article teaches you how to select your ingredients wisely towards a healthier lifestyle.


Vegetables should be eaten when they are still tender and should be bought from fresh food markets. Those obtained in supermarkets are often ripened due to long distance traveling. Bright color vegetables usually contain the most antioxidant, vitamins and minerals. We have many more Healthy Eating Articles Now Available.


Go for seasonal fruits or local fruits as they are fresh. If possible, got for organic fruits!

Herbs and Spices

Fresh herbs are always preferred than dried ones. To ensure the freshness, plant your own herbs in pot and use them anytime you needed them. Planting your own herbs not only guarantees freshness, it helps you save cost and time too! As for spices, buy them in whole and only grind them when you need to use them.

Dairy Products

Go for fresh milk in bottles rather than milk powder. As for cheese, buy fresh ones in small quantities and do not store for too long. Always go for free range eggs or better still, organic eggs.

Fish, Seafood and Meat

Buy fresh ones from the farm market rather than frozen ones in the hypermarkets. This is because they tend to lose its freshness during the long travel distance.

What we eat is what we are today, so change your eating habit to a healthy one and enjoy life to the fullest! We have many more Healthy Eating Articles Now Available.

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