Health Tips – 7 Best Exercises to Make Your Body Slim

There are several ways to get a slim body, instead of run on a treadmill for 45 minutes a day or swim hundreds of meters or running miles a day.

The best exercises for slim body are:
– Something that you like. Preferred activity makes you do all the time.
– Something you can do for 30-60 minutes a day.
– Something that can make you sweats.

So, what are they? Choose one that you like, i.e.:

1. Playing golf 18 holes
Condition: without a golf cart.

2. Playing with children
Spend an hour a day to play with the children. Guaranteed you will enjoy it. Benefits, not only you get slim, children are also protected from obesity. Encourage children to swim, play cat and mouse, or whatever game that can make them sweat.

3. Gardening or cleaning the house
Double benefits you can get. The house was beautiful and your body healthy. So, occasionally have your servant time off and you do washing, sweeping, and ironing within yourself.

4. Bike
Need to go to a minimarket near the house? Do not take a car, just take the bicycle. If the traffic around the house not too friendly, take an exercise bike at home while watching television.

5. The streets
Do a walk around the house before breakfast. While in office, the road had a walk for 15 minutes before lunch and dinner.

6. Dancing
Take a dance lessons or dance dynamic. Moreover, take the ballet lessons.

7. Listen to your favorite music
Do the fitness activities while listening to your favorite music. This will make you feel comfort and always enjoy while doing fitness.

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