HDD Repair virus – How to remove HDD Repair

How to remove HDD Repair

HDD Repair is a program that mimics a legit hard drive correction program, but the truth is HDD Repair is actually a computer virus. The bogus application is a rebrand of the previous virus named HDD Plus. The scam, which is heavily infecting PCs worldwide, works by showing a professionally designed security product. The program tells the user to purchase the program to remove infections. The entire process is a scam as there is no legit program and the results are bogus as well. Anyone who has purchased HDD Repair should immediately cancel their credit card and notify their bank.

HDD Repair is typically distributed through Trojans that appear to be legitimate programs, but instead install HDD Repair without consent or permission. Once infected, HDD Repair immediately and automatically launches on boot of computer. From there HDD Repair displays fake scan results and declares that the program must be purchased in order to be disinfected.

Just like everything about HDD Repair, none of the HDD Repair alerts are authentic or legitimate.

It is highly recommended that you download the HDD Repair removal tool to remove this serious infection.

About Viruses like HDD Repair

Viruses designed as legitimate security vendors have been exploding within the last 3 years. Experts predict infections just like HDD Repair will continue to spread on the internet. The groups backing these viruses are making very good money off their scam so it is unlikely this trend will slow down or stop any time soon.

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