Hawaii Airport Lei Greeting

Vacationing in Hawaii and want a lei greeting at the airport? Let me tell you how to get one and what you need to know. Years ago, when Hawaii first became a tourist destination, everyone who got off the airplane received a lei, probably paid for by the state. Over time, this custom faded, probably due to economical reasons.

Today, if you want a lei greeting you will have to pay for it or someone will have to pay for it beforehand. When my family came to visit us in Hawaii we contacted got a local company to come out and put a lei over everybody’s head with an “Aloha”. It cost us about $86 for 4 people. We have many More Hawaii Vacation¬†Information, Travel Review and Tourist Attractions Articles Now Available.

When our family came in to Hilo, since we were able to greet them ourselves, we bought our own leis (minimum of $15 at the airport, maybe less the grocery store or the farmer’s market or an outside lei store).

If you are flying in to Honolulu Airport (Oahu), Kona airport (the Big Island), Kahului Aiport (Maui) or Lihue Airport (Kauai) you can get a lei from one of the many online lei greeting companies. If you are flying in to Molokai or Lanai, or Hilo, you may be out of luck. Possibly, someone on craigslist or a errand service will be able to help you.

The leis will last for a few days to a week and will smell wonderful. Prices may vary depending on what island you are ordering on, and will definitely vary depending on which lei you order. Generally, the less expensive leis have less flowers and so will look less filled out, but are still very nice. Men and women will get the same kind of lei and flower for a lei greeting generally.

For a wedding or special occasion, men may typically get a green, open lei, rather than a flowered, closed lei, but for lei greetings that distinction is normally not available. We have many More Hawaii Vacation Information, Travel Review and Tourist Attractions Articles Now Available.