Harley Motorcycle Covers – Keeping Your Ride Protected

What our Harley motorcycle covers did for us last year!

Both me and my two brother-in-laws own Harleys.  I have a 2006 Ultra Glide (which rides better than my car!) and my two brother-in-laws have late model Sportsters.  Being that we live in the Midwest, we only have four good months a year of riding – and we take FULL advantage of it!

Well this last summer, the three of us decided to ride from Northwest Indiana through to the Ohio Valley.  We packed up my bike trailer with the essentials – clothes, a tent, sleeping bags, small tools and of course, our Harley motorcycle covers.

After about four hours on the road, we hit a MASSIVE storm.  Not only was it raining like crazy, but the lightening, hail, and strong winds forced us to pull off to the closest hotel…so much for camping, right?

Anyhow, the first thing we did when we checked in to the hotel, was unpack my trailer with our Harley motorcycle covers.  And it is a good thing we did!  It rained for almost 18 hours straight!  Not to mention the high winds and the golf ball sized hail.

Had we not had our Harley motorcycle covers, our bikes would have been trashed.  After the storm, you could just see how powerful those winds and hail was.  I probably would have cried had my 06 Ultra Glide was damaged – I LOVE that bike!

So all this being said and I did not mean to bore you with our trip, but PLEASE make sure that you have your Harley motorcycle cover with you whenever you take the bike out.  It may just protect its life!

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