Gym Routines, the Best Way to Get a Sexier Butt

Almost everybody wants to have a firm and sexy butt. In order to have that highly desirable and perfectly toned gluteus, you need to know the secret to rear-end success. You must eat a healthy diet and follow a good exercise routine. People are very busy these days, but it must be understood that a little bit of work will be involved with getting a perfect body with head turning results.

If you are serious about wanting to have perfectly toned gluteus that will surely be the envy of every one of your friends, look no further for help. This article provides some very effective solutions. There are some perfect exercises shown that will have you on your way to a sexy, round, and firm rear end without leaving your house.

Quadrupled hip extensions allow you to effectively contract the gluteus muscles. Quadrupled hip extensions work very well since they target the gluteus maximus. You can use ankle weights if you want to increase the intensity.

Lunges work very well, but there are several types of lunges so you will need to look for one that you like to do. A basic lunge is the drop-knee version, which also happens to be one of the most difficult ones. You can use hand weights in this exercise if you feel you need more intensity.

Step ups work on the hamstrings and gluteus, but some people wonder if they work or not. In order to get any benefit from this exercise, you need to make sure that you are stepping on a platform that is high enough, preferably 15 inches to activate the muscle fibers. To add intensity to the exercise, you can hold dumbbells.

Squats are a great exercise that works the gluteus medius and gluteus maximus. Squats are also good for the hips and the thighs. If you want back support, you can make use of a ball that can help get into that perfect position without hurting your knees.

Multi-hip extension will target the hamstrings, gluteus medius, and gluteus maximums. Using this machine can be a little tricky so you would be advised you seek to help of a professional for the required adjustments.

Doing one legged squats will activate both the gluteus medius and maximus. The one legged squats are very similar to lunges and can be done a variety of ways. With so many versions to choose from you should be able to settle on one that is at least tolerable.

By doing these recommended exercises you can be on your way to achieving the head turning derrière that you really want. Keep in mind that you should start out slow and increase the level of intensity over time. Plan you exercise routine with your fitness goals and physical capabilities in mind. If you work out for about a half hour on most days, you will undoubtedly have a rounder and sexier butt.

Apart from the exercises given, always eat right and practice good form while working out. Turn the speakers up and start working on sculpting the perfectly round and well toned butt that can only be matched by Michael Angelo’s David.

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