Guide to the Bellagio, Las Vegas

The Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas barely needs an introduction. Several famous movie appearances including Oceans Eleven and, more recently, The Hangover reaffirm the fact that the Bellagio is quite possible THE most successful hotel in the world at the moment, drawing in tens of thousands of people every day. Of all the Las Vegas hotels, the Bellagio is the one everyone wants to stay at.

For those whose budget won’t stretch to staying the night here, then at the very least they want to come and admire it, to soak up its success and revel in the grandeur and splendour of its magnificent casino, its world-renowned Michelin-star awarded restaurants and its celebrity-frequented bars and nightclubs. Welcome to the world you’d like to live in, welcome to the Bellagio. We have many More Bellagio, Las Vegas Information, Travel Review and Attractions Articles Now Available.

Holidays in Las Vegas are always unforgettable experiences but from the moment you enter the hotel lobby at the Bellagio and look up to the breathtaking display of 2,000 brightly colored, hand-blown glass flowers cascading down from the ceiling you know your stay here will be something extra special.

Venture beyond Bellagio’s gracious lobby and you’ll soon discover the stunning Conservatory & Botanical Gardens, displaying beds of exotic plants and flowers arranged in a theatrical presentation that varies with from season to season. This magnificent garden abounds in fragrance, color and texture and is a welcome, natural retreat for those on their holidays to Las Vegas.

Many Las Vegas hotels offer five-star facilities and world-class service but the Bellagio leads the way, offering a level of elegance, grace and romance others can only try and emulate. Inspired by the beautiful villages of northern Italy, Bellagio overlooks a man-made replica of Italy’s Lake Como. This Mediterranean blue, nine acre lake features over 1,000 fountains which dance in front of the hotel, enhanced by music and light providing a spectacular show for both hotel guests and those passing by on the Las Vegas Strip.

Bellagio’s deluxe guest-rooms and suites feature breathtaking views of the resort’s lake and the Las Vegas Strip from the front, and the mesmerizing Nevada desert and surrounding mountains from the rear. Each room is elegantly fitted with European-style furnishings and beautiful art, and comes with every modern-day convenience.

Your Holidays in Las Vegas will undoubtedly involve relaxing in the sunshine and you’ll be thrilled with the Bellagio’s pool area designed as the classical setting of a Mediterranean villa. Relaxing pools, soothing spas, a wonderful garden cafe and private cabanas are accented by artfully formed citrus gardens. The formal use of plantings along with groupings of Italian cypresses, olive trees and climbing vines together with the considered placement of unique Mediterranean urns define the classical characteristics of this unique space. For added distinction, several of the pools are enhanced by hand-carved stone fountains.

Many Las Vegas hotels feature award-winning restaurants and eating out will certainly be one of the highlights of your holiday to Las Vegas. The Bellagio, as expected, has an exemplary range of world-renowned gourmet restaurants. From the outset, several of the finest restaurateurs in the world were invited to bring their chefs and managers along with their invaluable expertise to be a part of Bellagio. The Bellagio features a total of 13 fine-dining restaurants including the Michelin 2 star awarded Picasso Restaurant and the Michelin 1 star awarded Le Cirque and MICHAEL MINA Bellagio restaurants, among others. The Picasso restaurant features some of the great master’s colorful and delightful paintings, as well as his ceramics, tiles and sculptures which are incorporated into the restaurant’s décor. Claude Picasso, the son of Pablo, actually designed the furniture and carpets for the restaurant. At Picasso, guests dine indoors surrounded by the original works of Pablo Picasso – there is no other place in the world where people can do that unless they go to the Picasso museum in Paris with a packed lunch and sit down on the floor. In this unique environment you will experience the culinary masterpieces of renowned chef Julian Serrano’s magnificent Mediterranean food.

For those who like to indulge in a spot of retail therapy, winding alongside the hotel’s famous lake is Via Bellagio, a street containing some of the most prestigious brands in the world with designer boutiques aplenty including Chanel, Armani, Prada, Gucci and Tiffany & Co. We have many More Bellagio, Las Vegas Information, Travel Review and Attractions Articles Now Available.

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