Guide To Nassau – The Largest City In Bahamas

Nassau – Bahamas

With a population of 260,000, Nassau is the largest city of the Bahamas. It is also the capital city. The city of Nassau is served by the Lynden Pindling International airport. This airport is connected to the US and UK by daily flights. 10 miles West of the Nassau city is the Bahamas. An interesting fact about Nassau is that there is no local government.

Things to do

Nassau offers plenty of things to do to it’s visitors. From adventure to chilling out you can have it all here in Nassau. Here’s a few things that you can do in this part of the world:

The Exuma powerboat adventure is one of the coolest things to do in Nassau. The powerboat ride is both exciting and fun. The power boat will take you to Allens cay. During it’s run, the powerboat reaches a thrilling speed. Here you can try your luck at feeding the local sharks or sting rays. One can snorkel in this island as well. The Exuma powerboat ride comes at a price of $199.

Rose Island Robinson Crusoe cruise lets you enjoy a wonderful and scenic ride in a triple deck catamaran. You will be given the opportunity to snorkel over the coral reef. You can take some awesome pictures of the local tropical aquatic life. You will be treated like a king here. If you get hungry, your guide will prepare food for you. In order to chill out you should be able to tie your hammock and go to sleep. The whole package can be availed for the amount of $54.99.

Snorkeling in the Nassau region can be a lot of fun. If you are not faint at heart, then you should be able to snorkel with the sharks. It costs about 60 USD to snorkel.

For the swimmers and non swimmers both, the submarine adventure in Nassau could be a lot of fun. Although, this is equipment based. This is indeed an amazing experience. This lets you get close to the fishes of Bahamas.

Visit the old Fincastle and the charlotte forts. You can learn about Nassau’s rich history and culture during this tour.

Geography and Climate

Nassau has a mixture of colonial architecture and old world. Relaxing days as well as exciting nightlife has made the Nassau a popular tourist destination. Temperatures in summer barely exceed 92 degrees. In the winter months the daytime temperatures are between 68 and 80 degrees. Now that the American travel to Cuba has been banned, Nassau has become a pretty popular tourist resort.

People and Culture

Junkanoo is a pretty energetic as well as colorful street parade. People usually dance in costumes to the rhythm of cowbells, drums as well as whistles. Nassau has been the famous location for Bond films. Thunderball, a Bond movie released in the 1965 has been filmed here. It seems like the director of Bond movies preferred Nassau to be the ideal filming location. So, James Bond has become a part of the popular culture. Besides the Bond movies, several other movies have been filmed in Nassau.

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