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Protect your personal credit at all cost! Don’t let inexperienced firms play around with your personal credit. Don’t buy CPN Numbers from any source on the Internet! This week, we will be talking about the Myths of CPN Numbers, more commonly referred to as credit privacy identification numbers! or Credit Privacy Numbers. Many people like yourselves, read on the Internet about CPN Numbers, more commonly called by so called credit experts, (Credit Privacy Numbers) which is totally incorrect. The fact is that CPN Numbers are merely a myth that needs further explanation, and to which needs to be exposed for what they really truly are. The Myths of CPN numbers, and the amount of money that they take from unsuspecting customers every day by fraudulent Internet businesses is astounding. This article is meant to be a teacher and a guide to helping clients of ours, and other persons like yourselves from being ripped off by those fraudulent Internet businesses that try to sell you a CPN Number or credit privacy number. This article is written to expose the truth behind the Myths Of CPN Numbers. If you want to get the right kind of help for repairing your personal credit, see our personal credit repair page and view our information there. The only way to truly build a second credit profile is when you incorporate a new or existing business. To learn more about this, visit our website for further information. In addition, you may also request information at the bottom of our personal credit repair page and we’ll be glad to send you additional information.

Since we started providing personal credit and corporate business credit solutions to clients nationwide, we discovered that there are many Internet based credit repair companies out there selling CPN Numbers. What is a CPN number? A CPN number, is a made up 9-digit identification number that is made to reflect and resemble an SSN number. Most of the time, these are altered EIN numbers, altered SSN numbers, altered D-U-N-S corporate business credit profile numbers or combinations of all of these. In some instances, these numbers are pulled out of the death file of the SSA (Social Security Administration) and belonged to someone else prior to the client getting it. A CPN number before they were outlawed in the United States of America was a nine digit identification number that was used to build a new personal credit profile for clients that really messed up their personal credit, and made it so that they could not be granted credit by potential lenders. Many Internet businesses and fraudulent credit repair companies started popping up to take clients money by providing these so called CPN numbers to their clients to build a new clean credit profile. At one point in time, this was a major loophole that could be used to

quickly build personal credit, and many people were doing so, including real estate brokers and attorneys! With so many irresponsible people taking full advantage of this personal credit repair scheme, the sale of CPN numbers began to explode in the personal credit industry. Unfortunately, the misuse of the CPN numbers and the re-established personal credit profiles also exploded. In addition to this, many people were issued credit cards, and other various forms of credit based on the fraudulent information that they supplied to potential lenders. Based on this information and the current laws, banking institutions, private lenders, the mortgage industry, and auto finance industry and the credit industry are now paying for this in a huge way. Simply put, FILE SEGREGATION is completely ILLEGAL. Creating a CPN, using a CPN, or distributing them, is a Federal crime. Why do you think that those that sell CPN numbers tell you not to apply for a job with one, not to do anything with government contracts, and not to try to buy a house under F.H.A. programs? Well, if you do, you will find out how fast you end up in prison for 25 years, and receive a minimum $100,000.00 fine, along with other implecations, which will prevent you from ever being able to repair your own credit using a valid SSN, and the list goes on. Visit the Federal Trade Commission website for more details on FILE SEGREGATION, and also place that search phrase into Google, and see what you come up with.

Now, back to the remainder of this article. These fraudulent credit repair companies would charge anywhere from $1,000.00 to $3,500.00 for these CPN numbers, and would place authorized user credit card accounts on the blank segregated credit file created using the CPN number. A majority of fraudulent credit repair companies out there are now charging $250.00 to $500.00 for CPN numbers, and some are charging $100.00 for them as well. No matter what the price is, you are being taken advantage of by these fraudulent service providers. Most of the CPN numbers that they issue do not cost them a single dime. The only real truth that these fraudulent credit repair companies will tell you is that the CPN numbers are issued at the federal government level, but they will then be dishonest by telling you that they have to pay for them. The myths of CPN Numbers is just that, a myth. CPN number usage was deemed illegal by the government, and will get you put in jail with a very stiff fine if you are caught with a CPN number. You can find detailed information about this at the Federal Trade Commission website. This is what happens when you buy a CPN Number:

1. You pay your fees for the CPN Number, and receive a nine digit number that appears to fall in the range and similar style of a true SSN number. Some are, but WATCH OUT! You just might have a social security number that belonged to someone who passed away!

2. Once received, you are instructed to change your name, address, telephone number, drivers license, and other personal information about yourself, and use the CPN number and altered information to fool the credit bureau computer systems into creating a new blank file, after an entity search is done, and no match is found on the data entered into the credit bureau’s computer system. Names, addresses, phone numbers, and the CPN number are all searched in the databases of the credit bureau, and when there is no match on the data, the system automatically creates a new credit file. Changing your name, street address, phone number, Etc, and license is legal, but once you have the CPN number placed on the license, you’ve just committed fraud. Remember, the intent of creating a CPN number, is to fraud lenders, Etc. You tell the banks and other credit issuers that you have specific rights, but that is what you should do anyway, based on the law, not upon a CPN number. The person selling a CPN will tell you that it is legal, because of specific laws, but they don’t tell you the real truth behind those laws, and what you are truly entitled to receive, if you have become a victim of fraud.

3. You are then instructed to open a small jewelry store account with a local store owner. Upon doing so, a new blank file is created in the credit bureau computer systems and credit can be built on the file. Once again, this is illegal, because you are fraudulently altering your data to get a new credit file created in the credit bureau computer systems. When you use the CPN number that was issued on an application for credit purposes, you are falsifying data, and that is a federal crime, and you will pay for it. Simply by providing false information, such as an altered name, address, city or state, telephone number or providing an altered license, and using the CPN number issued to you on that license, you are commiting a crime.

4. After this, you are taught to build small amounts of credit on the newly created personal credit file. In doing so, you have a clean credit file and a credit score built, which is basically a new fraudulent credit file and fraudulent credit score not showing your previous credit history to potential creditors. You are breaking the law by using, accessing, or manipulating your personal data with the use of a CPN number to gain credit that you would not otherwise be qualified for, based on your existing credit history. The only way to truly repair your credit is to pay your bills on time, and negotiate settlements with your creditors. Time is the best way to resolve credit issues. Be responsible with your personal and business credit!

The CPN Number that is issued by these fraudulent credit repair companies is usually a TIN, or EIN (Tax Identification Number) or (Employer Identification Number), or it may in fact be, if you do a little Internet research, a D-U-N-S credit file number, an altered SSN number, or an SSN number taken directly from the death file of the SSA. Altered SSN numbers usually have the group ID portion of the SSN modified to allow it to be used as a so called CPN number, 

again another fraudulent method of creating and charging unsuspecting clients for CPN numbers for the purposes of fraudulent personal credit repair. In any case, the only number that the fraudulent Internet business has to pay for is the D-U-N-S credit file number. The other numbers are free to obtain, and this also includes the SSN numbers pulled from the death file of the Social Security Administration. Most unsuspecting clients pay the fees to these fraudulent Internet based credit repair companies, and are ripped off right from the start. You don’t realize what you’ve been charged for, and you also do not realize that the authorized credit card accounts that you’ve also purchased may in fact carry their own credit problems as well. You may take the fall for someone else when you may not be responsible for that person’s account, and put yourself at high risk for possible payment for something that you never had access to in the first place. In addition to this, by providing your personal information to these fraudulent credit repair companies, you are putting yourself at high risk for identity theft, and this could cost you everything! Simply stated, just don’t fall into this trap. If you want to have your credit repair done properly by a bonded and licensed company, we can help you. Just visit our personal credit repair page at the website or feel free to call us at any time at: (800) 922-5170.

In addition to this, many of these fraudulent credit repair companies are also offering and selling seasoned primary user accounts to unsuspecting clients. Do not buy these either, as they may also impact your personal credit scores dramatically since these primary user accounts may also carry their own potential risks. The way in which these seasoned primary user accounts are made primary user accounts is very simple. You buy the primary user accounts from these fraudulent credit repair companies , just before they are to be closed out, or when a payyoff is about to occur. Your name is added to the primary user accounts, and the primary user is removed. Once this happens, you are left as the primary holder, but WATCH OUT, there may be serious repercussions associated with those primary user accounts, such as late payment history, default, or something similar since you are assuming all the responsibility for the primary user accounts and their usage. This also applies to joint user accounts as well. If you do buy these primary user accounts, or the joint user accounts from anyone on the Internet, be absolutely certain to ask the seller to provide you with the credit cards, all statements, and any historical records associated with the accounts. If the seller won’t provide these items to you, do not buy the accounts. The seller will usually not grant these items to you because their primary user accounts, and joint user accounts most likely have severe credit risks associated with them, or they are flat out fraudulent. Be wise and don’t let the seller persuade you to take the accounts unless they provide you with the items listed here. To read more about the infamous illegal CPN Number, and why you don’t want to get messed up with using, creating, or obtaining one, visit us on the Internet and download our Free CPN Numbers EBook. It’s free, and very educational.

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