Google Redirect Virus Removal- Fix It Manually

Google Redirect virus is affecting lots and lots of computer users. When this virus gets to your computer, It installs root kit and changes your computers very important files. These files are used by windows and by manipulating those files, you are redirected to malicious websites. If you are in hurry to fix this virus without reading further, you should visit this definite guide on Google Redirect Virus Removal

If your computer is infected with this virus, whenever you’ll search on Google, you’ll be redirected to a page of irrelevant results and links to suspicious websites. You may also get redirected to adult websites and other similar stuff.

You need to think, how this virus got to your computer. If you have downloaded a software, music file, video, screen saver and other similar stuff from a sneaky source, this might explain why your computer is infected. It also indicates that you are not using a proper security software and you computer is vulnerable.

You should really consider getting a security software, otherwise other variants of such threats can hack into your computer and get out lots of your personal information like credit card numbers, bank information and other very sensitive data.

Please follow these steps to remove/fix Google Redirect virus. These steps may not work for everyone but it is very likely that if you follow these very easy steps, you’ll be able to restore normal functionality of Google and download a genuine security software to remove all the traces of this threat :

1. Please run “My Computer” and get to this folder ;


If you have not installed windows on C:, please search for the above folder accordingly on different partition.

2. Now please find a file called “Hosts” and open it in Notepad or Wordpad.

3. You need to delete all the lines from this hosts file except “ localhost”. The other entires you saw there need to be removed as they are malicious.

4. After removing the entries from hosts file, please save this file and close it.

Now you should be able to search on Google without any problem. Once you are able to the restore your computer’s functionality, please get a good anti-spyware software which provides real time shield. This way your computer will never get infected again and threats will be delete automatically before they even spread to your computer.

If you are unable to get rid of this virus, then it is very likely that virus has corrupted drivers of your computer and in that case, you should follow this guide to Remove Google Redirect Virus.

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