Google Redirect Virus Removal

Many of us get computer viruses and do not really think anything of it. Most of our computers come with anti virus software that is already installed so it is fairly simple to get any virus removed and get back to normal. But what happens when you encounter a really nasty virus that refuses to leave and you can not seem to get rid of it no matter what program you try to extract its contents?

I just purchased a brand new laptop and really enjoyed all the new features it had to offer. I had it for just a few weeks and decided to browse around for a few online games to play to really see what it could do. I found a few reputable sites that offered free games but noticed that whenever I would click on certain sites I would get redirected to different sites that asked for me to pay for games or services I never requested.

It was really confusing and I had to resort to manually typing in any websites I wanted to visit in my address bar. This really defeated the purpose of clicking on links and took up tons of my time having to type in web addresses. I still had a warranty and had it checked and turned out nothing was wrong with my computer and nothing was defective either.

I ran a few virus scans and everything checked out and my computer was clean. I started to really check out this problem and started to find out that it was actually a google redirect virus. I learned that it has infected millions of computers and its sole purpose is to have you go to these sites that you are redirected to so that you can make a purchase so the creator of this virus gets paid money.

I found a Google Redirect Virus Removal Tool that boasted good reviews and claimed to remove all traces of the virus and would make sure it would never return to bother you again. After I ran the software and rebooted my computer I was able to browse and click on links without having to worry about getting redirected to websites I never wanted to see. The Google Redirect Virus Removal Tool was worth looking at and really saved me tons of money and saved me from returning my computer for another one.

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