Goodwill Vehicle Donations Help Vital Community Programs

Goodwill Industries is North America’s leading nonprofit provider of education, training, and career services for people with disadvantages such as homelessness, physical disabilities or lack of education.These vital services were provided to more than 1.1 million people last year alone. It’s Goodwill’s belief that work has the power to change lives by building self-confidence and independence. Everyone needs a chance and Goodwill offers that chance to the physically disabled, mentally disabled, emotionally dialed as well as those who lack education or work experience.One of the newest programs launched by Goodwill is the self-paced online learning program that began in 2003. The Goodwill Virtual Community helps people find, maintain and advance employment opportunities. There is also the GCF Global Learning, an e-learning web site which is a free web-based computer and career training program for people who are new to computers. The lessons are self paced but you can also take part in instructor support classes for free. There are classes available for Spanish speaking people as well. Several valuable computer programs are taught through GCF global learning.Goodwill also generates money helping businesses with labor shortages. Goodwill trains and employs workers to fill outsourced needs. Every 53 seconds each day Goodwill places someone in a job. Goodwill has trained career professionals that contact local employers to find opportunities for these job seekers.It takes a lot of revenue to keep funding the job training, education and career services that Goodwill offers across the nation. Donated vehicles are now another source of revenue that enable Goodwill to continue offering its vital services to people all over the country. offers anyone the opportunity to donate their vehicle and help Goodwill continue its mission of helping disadvantaged people.Vehicles donated through are sold and the proceeds are used to find critical job training and employment programs for people with disabilities and other disadvantages to help them succeed in the workplace.Donating a vehicle to goodwill is an simple and fast process. is happy to accept any car, motorcycle, RV or boat. If you wish to donatea vehicle to help Goodwill fund their many important services, it does not have to be in running condition. At you will find a vehicle donation form that can be done online. You may also call the toll free Goodwill number found at the site as well. For the most efficient experience, have your title and registration information in front of you. The customer service department at will ask you for your mileage so it’s a good idea to have that written in front of you as well. Vehicle pick-up is free of charge and done during regular business days. Getting your vehicle ready for pick up means simply removing license tags and personal items before it is taken away. Once your vehicle is taken away you can bring your  vehicledonation receipt to your DMV to de-register your car. At that time you can call your insurance company and cancel the coverage of your donated car.

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