Good Workout For Middle Abs – How to Do it Fast!

Exercising your middle abs gives you a nice burn especially on your thighs and abs – making your muscles burn off the fats situated on these areas. You aren’t required to do 20 different abs exercises to tone up your abs; just pick 3 exercises that targets your upper, middle and lower abs area and you’re good to go! If you have problems or difficulty in toning up your lower abs, it is advisable to start working out this area first and focusing on it more than the other abdominal areas.

It is a little different training your abs muscles than training your chest or biceps ones; but not that much. Of course, there’s no special moves or techniques in developing your upper or lower abs – it’s simply following, concentrating and doing these exercises properly to the letter.

1) Reverse crunches is one of my favorite and the best lower abs workout out there. Many athletes had achieved astounding results performing this exercise. There are a lot of variations known in doing this exercise but in my opinion, it is best done by lying on a bench press which allows you to have a firm grip on its end.

If you don’t have a bench press at home, you can just lay on the floor with your feet under your bed for gripping or look for a bar to hang yourself by using your hands. You can also use a hanging leg raise bench if you have one of those instead as the principle is the same when you use a bench press.

2) Leg raises is considered the king of all lower abs exercises and must not be forgotten. No matter how many “fitness experts” says, many bodybuilders and athletes have been doing leg raises on their workout and have seen awesome results doing this exercise. Leg raises not only targets your lower abs, it also tones up your buttocks, hips and lower back.

Performing leg raises is very intense on the body and hit your lower abs harder than you thought which makes doing this exercise somewhat uncomfortable the first time. It is advisable to use support on your back when doing this exercise.

3) Bicycle exercise when done on the floor is very effective because it targets the lower abs, obliques and intercostals separately. This is best performed without counting repetitions but by doing this in sets of 30 to 60 second periods. It is advisable to first train with less time and gradually work yourself up as you get accustomed to this workout.

Again, use some kind of support for your back when doing this exercise for comfort.

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