Good health quotes-the quotes of care

“Health is wealth” is a famous proverb. It gives you the beautiful meaning.  We the humans are always in search of money or possessions. First we have the money but it has been totally reversed, now money is having us; we got addicted to money and forgot that our health is wealth. Due to the depletion of ozone layer and because of our selfishness and carelessness many new varieties of diseases are spreading and people are getting affected. We the people should give preferences to our health first and everything next.

Insurance- the policy of wealth:
Peoples now started to realize many things. They want their family to be financially protected after their life gets over or they want to be financially strong after their retirement from work. Insurance policy was introduced in order to safeguard the people from risk and loss. The first insurance company in u.s was started in 1732 in Carolina. Benjamin Franklin helped to popularize the insurance.

Benefits of insurance:
We obtain many benefits through insurance policies. The following are the benefits we obtain from insurance

•    It provides you the financial security
•    Acts as a asset saver
•    Insures safety for your future
•    Provides security to your family members
•    Enhances security to your cute pets
•    Reduces your income tax
•    Enhances you to take loan

Types of insurance:
The different types of insurance are as follows

•    Health insurance , Dental insurance, Home insurance, Life  insurance, casualty insurance, auto insurance,  crop insurance, pet insurance, builders risk insurance, flood insurance,  terrorism insurance, auto insurance, liability insurance, credit insurance, risk insurance, social insurance, boiler insurance and self insurance etc.

Investment plans in life insurance:
Many are unaware regarding the Investment options in insurance.  Insurance is some type of investments for future savings. The types of investment options vary depend upon the individuals. We can adopt the plan which best suits us. You can pay your premium monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annually. You can also make arrangements to deduct the premium from your salary.  The minimum premium amount is 500 and the maximum premium amount varies depends upon the companies.

How to select the best insurance companies:
Decide what type of insurance you are going to avail.  Generally two types of insurance are there such as life and property insurance, it depends on our decision. Many insurance companies act as both life and property insurance companies and there are also separate companies for each types of insurance. Overall 3,000 insurance companies are there in U.S and people may find difficult to select the best insurance companies. Select the company which gives you financial assurance, proper service, effective premium rates, return back of money without delay. Blue shield of California, health net, PacifiCare health care are the companies which satisfies the customers in all aspects.

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