Glowing Skin Tips for Men and Women

Do you remember when you were a child and your skin had that natural glow? Even as a teenager, skipping the pimple phase, you had beautiful skin. Then when you turned older you looked in the mirror one day and asked yourself, what happened to my glowing skin? What happened to that glowing skin is it’s not naturally glowing anymore: it needs your help. You are at the age where you have to make some type of effort to get and keep that glow. If we were smart, we would start taking care of our skin much sooner, but most of us don’t. We wait until we wake up one day and realize we don’t look like that child or teenager anymore.

You should wash your face twice a day, everyday. Every morning and every night. Dove beauty bar is great for any type of skin to clean your face with daily.

Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. This will help you get that natural glow. Drink plenty of water. This helps cleanse your circulatory system, which again, is very important in skin care.

A balanced diet and cleanliness are the simplest steps to ensure healthy skin. Do remember to wash your face everytime you return from an outing. Dust and smoke block skin pores.

Fruit Mask for Glowing Skin


Honey, as needed (about 1/8 cup)
1/4 apple
1/4 orange, peeled
6 grapes
3 strawberries
1. Whiz fruits (but not honey) in your blender or food processor until smooth.
2. Wash face and pat dry. Immediately apply a thin layer of honey, then smooth the fruit mixture evenly over the honey.

3. Allow mask to remain in place for at least 15 minutes, then wash off with warm water and gently pat dry.

For Men’s

Wash your face, splash with cold water. Men’s skins are oilier than women’s and have larger pores. That means your face acts as a dirt magnet and keep the dirt there. That clogs the pores and dirt has germs and germs cause trouble. Don’t use soap. In fact, not using soap on your face might be a good idea. Deep cleanse your face with a good cleansing lotion, preferably one that does not have an odour. Cleanser helps to remove the daily buildup of toxins, dirt and oils from the surface of the skin and should be free of irritating fragrances and chemicals. Oh and by the way, for those who have oily skins: frequent washing is not the answer. That will only irritate your skin, not help it. Blot the excess oils away. Wiping your face lightly with a tissue paper might help. Powder? Mixed opinions. Some feel it blocks the pores and causes further problems. Others advise one to avoid the shiny look.

For an intensive moisture treatment use pure vitamin E, or aloevera oil. This is available in liquid form, or you could just break open a capsule of vitamin E and apply directly on your face, especially under eye area. Under eye dryness should be avoided for the young look. Never leave you skin wet, cause the air will evaporate your skin’s precious moisture.

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