Getting Life Insurance If Your Are HIV Positive


Life insurance is a top priority for anyone who has loved ones that depend on them for financial support. When you pass away you want to make sure that your family will be able to survive and life insurance offers you that peace of mind. When you are HIV positive you might have a larger struggle trying to obtain life insurance and many places will turn you down on the spot. There are some places that will offer you a burial life insurance policy that will cover the expense of your funeral and burial fees but it may be harder to find one that offers lump sum payments for death benefits.

You should take an inventory of any existing life insurance policies you might already have and look them over to see if they include riders. You might find that you have life insurance already available to you through your employment or a policy that is associated with your home mortgage. If you do have existing policies be sure to keep them active, allowing them to lapse or terminate may mean that you cannot get them back with a diagnosis of HIV positive.

You have to make sure on your social security the coverage of their beneficiaries, make sure that it is available to your dependants. You will also be able to find out how much the pay out after your death will be.

If you have any questions about how to handle your beneficiaries on the existing policies or with your social security benefits you can speak with an attorney to have all your questions answered properly.

If you are still working you can speak to your human resource department to find out if there are any life insurance policies or death benefits that are available to you as part of your employment benefit package. There are also insurance companies that pays out even a potion of your wages as part of their insurance package. This is commonly done on a group basis and requires no underwriting or any type of qualifications from the employee.

If you are planning to leave your job due to lack of benefits, try finding an employer that does offer a life insurance policy with the package and even if the pay is less or the job less desirable you are obtaining the benefits needed after your death.

Speak to your HIV AIDS counselor about the fact you are looking to obtain life insurance and ask for any information that is available for programs that you would qualify for. There are many life insurance companies offering policies to HIV positive clients due to the fact that the AIDS medications are much more effective than in the past and the infected person has been given a much longer life expectancy than years before.

A life insurance company that offers services to everyone is available in the market. You can expect to pay higher premiums if you are not a desirable candidate for coverage and the amounts that are paid out are much less, sometimes just enough to cover the cost of the funeral.


Source by Graham McKenzie