Getting A Mobile Phone Contract With A Poor Credit Rating

When applying for a mobile phone contract most of the main network providers will require that you pass a credit check. We have yet to find a network provider specifically designed for people with a low income or those who have a poor credit rating. Sure, you could get a pay as you go deal but with pay as you go, in general you do not get the same quality of deal.

So what can be done to increase your chances of getting a mobile phone contract if you have a poor credit history?

Well… there are some tips and tricks out there. A number of blogs are suggesting that one could try this long winded approach. “Get a pay as you go phone with Virgin -then change to direct debit – then go contract”. It’s not just virgin either many are suggesting this for a number of networks. But what is this doesn’t work? You would then be left with a pay as you go phone and be in the same situation you were in to start off with.
Probably the best ways to go are to:

Aim low – the severity of the credit check will be less if you go for a mid level handset with less minutes included.

Apply online directly to a variety of network providers – each provider performs different credit checks
Consider sim only contracts – pay of the reason for the credit checks relates to the handset and by keeping your existing handset you reduce the risk for the network provider and increase your chances of approval

Persevere – each time you apply for credit you leave a digital footprint of your application, but if you already have a poor credit score the chances are you won’t make your situation any worse.

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