Get yourself treated of prostate cancer with seeds and radiation

If a person is suffering from prostate cancer, then getting operated is not the only way out. There is much simpler way and it is to opt for radiation as a treatment method to it. In the treatment of radiation for prostate cancer, seeds are used which are radioactive in nature are placed near to or at the site where the cancer cells are found or they are entered into the body from outside. The radiation helps to destroy the cancer cells. Since there are no side effects found to this method it is considered to be better option to the surgical method in which the chances of failure are much higher than compared to brachytherapy.

Now some question might arise in your mind regarding the treatment. Well some of your doubts will get cleared by the detailed information that follows here.

Why is the therapy for prostate cancer seeds used as a treatment?

The basic reasons for this are as follows:

  • In the initial stages of cancer, the required treatment is done in the prostate gland and is low in grade. The cure rates in these kinds of cases are the same as in case of people who are treated by radical prostatectomy.
  • Along with the first treatment, hormone therapy is used in order to cure the cancer around the prostate gland and also in the nearby areas.
  • In case if the prostate cancer seeds do not work properly and the cancer is not cured or even if it recurs after the surgery is done.
  • To keep the cancer cells in control for as long as it can be possible, in cases where the cancer cells are advanced. The symptoms can be then prevented or relieved on the suffering.

Due to all these reasons, the radiation method is considered to be a better by many of the people and in increasingly being opted for as a treatment for the prostate cancer.

Two major types of treatment of the cancer

There are two main types radiation therapy which is used to treat the cancer.

  1. External beam radiation: In this method, the radiation beams are focused from outside the body with the help of a machine, on the prostate gland. Such radiations can cure the cancers which are in initial stages. It can also help to relieve the symptoms in case of the pain in the bones when the cancer has got spread to the bones. Correct measurements are taken before the treatment begins so the aim that is taken is correct and the correct dose of it is provided to the cancer cells.
  2. Brachytherapy (internal radiation): In this method small pellets or seeds which are almost the size of the grain of rice is used which are entered directly into the prostate. These seeds emit radiations which ultimately destroy the cancer cells.

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