Get Ripped & Get Shredded in 2010 with this Explosive 8 Pack Abs Workout

Hi everyone!

So its 2010 and the start of a new decade and its time for you !  Why not start working on developing 8 pack abs!  If you’re committed, then we got the workout for you with this explosive 8 pack ab workout!

This is a circuit training workout to get ripped and to get shredded.  Each circuit is comprised of 5 ab exercises and in order to complete the workout, you will want to perform 3 to 5 circuits to complete this ab workout.  When doing each ab exercise, remember to use proper form.  Challenge yourself to taking as few breaks as possible.  Ideally, you want to finish each ab exercise and each circuit without taking a break.  Don’t worry if you can’t finish an entire circuit the first time without taking a break.  This 8 pack ab workout is very challenging so after your first workout, move on from there and focus strictly on improvement!

Ok, so lets get into it.  As mentioned above, to complete this 8 pack ab workout, you want to complete 3 to 5 circuits of this 5 ab exercise combo!  Check out the video demonstration below if the ab exercises presented are unfamiliar or you are unsure on how to perform them.

Ab Exercise 1:  Hanging Clocks

6 Reps Clock Wise & 6 Reps Counter Clock Wise

Ab Exercise 2:  1 Leg Running Man Physioball Ab Tucks

10 to 15 Reps

Ab Exercise 3:  BOSU Tubing Crunches

As Many Reps As You Can to Failure

Ab Exercise 4:  Side Plank Pull

10 to 12 Reps

ab Exercise 5:  Forward Plank Pull

10 to 12 Reps

Incorporate this 8 pack ab workout into your routine over the coming weeks.  Be consistent and try and get it in as many times as possible.  Abs are unique muscles that can be worked out almost everyday.  In order to not get bored and to ensure you are mixing things up, get a few other ab routines to throw into the mix if you plan to workout your abs 4 to 6 times a week.  Strategically plan your ab workouts over the coming weeks to ensure you are consistently inputting variety into your training.  This is the best way to develop and define your muscles and get ripped and get shredded!

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