Get Ripped Biceps in Weeks – Best Exercises and Bodybuilding Secrets For Getting Ripped Arms

Developing cut, huge biceps is something most men strive for.  After all, big arms look good and make you feel strong.  In order to get bigger biceps as fast as possible, you need to understand and incorporate several bodybuilding secrets into your routine. 


There are several pitfalls you need to avoid in order to develop the arms you want.  First, make sure the weights you use are heavy.  Your goal is low-repetition, high-intensity workouts a few times a week.  You do not want to blow yourself out working the same muscles every single day; that idea is a sure-fire way to failure.  Instead, work your biceps and arms in such a way that they are tired and then give them at least three days of rest.   

When you work out, vary your routine.  Your body will get used to the same exercises performed in the same order.  Mix up dumbbell curls, flies, and presses with skullcrushers, hammer curls, and preacher curls.  There are hundreds of exercises out there, all of which are effective.  Continually rotate between a few of them to maximize your results. 


Want ripped biceps?  Then you need to eat lots of high-quality foods.  Exercise is only half the equation.  When you break your muscles down during a workout, they need essential things like protein to rebuild themselves stronger and bigger.  Make sure you are eating sufficient calories to promote muscle growth – 1 lb of muscle is approximately 3,500 calories, so aim to eat at least 500 calories a day above your normal intake.  

Stick to good foods that are high omega-3 fatty acids and protein.  This list includes red meat (a great source of iron), tuna (a great source of protein), pasta, rice, and leafy greens like spinach (another great source of iron).  Milk is a great source of calcium and calories.  Nuts can provide essential fatty acids, calories, and protein.  Cottage cheese helps prevent muscle breakdown through its high glutamine content.  Eggs, chicken, and turkey are rich in the amino acids, protein, and healthy fats your body needs to get ripped. 

Make sure to drink a lot of water throughout the day.  Your body needs to stay hydrated, particularly when you begin a tough workout regime.  Eat smaller meals more often.  5 – 6 meals per day stimulate your metabolism and promote muscle growth. 

These simple tips will help you get the bigger, more ripped arms you’ve always wanted.


Lastly, utilizing nutritional supplements, such as nitric oxide and l-arginine can help your body rapidly develop and build muscle in targeted areas. Nitric oxide can help you improve your stamina and strength, in addition to widening the blood vessels allowing for more oxygen to reach your muscles allowing faster muscle growth. Any good workout routine can be aided with the help of a nitric oxide supplement.

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