Get Rid Of System Tools Malware – Keep Your Computer Safe and Make It Run Faster

Most of the time when the designer of malware re-release their programs onto the internet to cause problems on computers all over, they will often rename them just something slightly different because the filters and security software out there is less likely to pick up on them. Other times they change just how the program attempts to get on your PC or other parts of the software so that the way it acts is different. The malware system tools is not something new in the world of online viruses and spyware, but because of slight differences it is causing problems for computers and their owners across the world.

You have got to ask yourself just who would install a program such as this onto their computer. One of the biggest problems is that it does not ask for permission to be installed, it just happens silently in the background without you even knowing. This is one of the changes that have been made to the malware and until proper updates are created it will continue infecting computers randomly from compromised web sites and you need to get rid of system tools malware before it causes real problems on your computer.

Once on your PC it will install itself as well as several dummy files on your computer that will be used later to make it look as if your PC is overrun with viruses and other malware. Once that’s done it configures its self to start up and perform a system wide scan when you computer reboots and you log in.

As I mentioned earlier those harmless files that were installed, they will be detected during this scan and mixed in with totally safe files your computer needs to work properly and showed to you in a way that makes you think your system is totally over run.

One of the most aggravating aspects of this malware is its ability to terminate any program it wishes when it’s running. Instead, you often get messages that say:


The program you are attempting to use has been prevented from starting up because of a suspicious file.

There may be several versions of this message, but they often times all mean the same thing. You’ll also see several different messages warning you that your computer has been compromised in some way… either someone is trying to access your computer remotely, information is being transferred off your computer or a program has been found to contain a virus. All of these warnings and scan results are simply used to deceive you and you need to get rid of system tools malware to stop this happening.

What you need to do to keep this from happening again in the future as well as getting rid of any malware you may currently have is to download and install a system and registry scanner. This will remove running malware and keep your computer safe from malware.

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